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Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

mia adora 3d fiber lash review how to useHave you noticed that we are hugely obsessed with beautiful long lashes these days? It’s essentially impossible to log onto Instagram or Pinterest without seeing Kylie Jenner’s big, fluttery eyelashes blinking back at you. Now lashes are even part of the “natural” look – what gives, eh?

Of course, it makes sense- big lashes make everyone’s eyes look bigger and brighter. That’s why 3D fiber lashes have made such waves recently. 

I had issues with the last brand of fiber lash mascara I tried; it irritated my eyes when I wore my contacts. I decided to try Mia Adora since the mascara is paraben and SLS-free (and even made with 100% green tea!).

I was really pleased with this mascara: surprisingly, I got better results with longer, sexier lashes than I’d gotten with the more well known brand, and for a lower price. Check it out for yourself:

Mia Adora 3d fiber lash mascara review afterPlus, I got this eyelash curler with it (also by Mia Adora), and I was relieved to see that they support fiber-plus-curl, as I never knew if that was really a sanctioned practice. It makes a huge difference! If you’re not a curling girl, get on the train.

mia adora 3d fiber lash review how to use

It’s easy to apply:

mia adora 3d fiber lash review how to usePlus, the directions are printed right on the inside of the package, so it’s conveniently available if you forget what to do.

I found it lasted longer and was much less flaky than its famous fellow. Get it here for only $19, or get 10% off plus free shipping when you order with the curler and use promo code 0DL2VFKC.

Thanks very much to Mia Adora for providing the product for this review. 

2 thoughts on “Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

  1. Hmm I wonder how this compares to the Younique one. I pay a little more through my presenter so I would like to try an alternative if its just as good and less $$.

    1. I can say from personal experience, my eyes greatly prefer this one, at least from a sensitivity standpoint. And it seems to lengthen just as well 🙂

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