Using Mobile Apps to Pass your NCLEX Exam

Using Mobile Apps to Pass your NCLEX Exam

As a recent college graduate, I have a lot of friends who are still in nursing school. I always see them posting on social media about their upcoming NCLEX exam and the stresses that go along with studying for these. One of my friends had been researching to find studying materials and found this helpful site. 

Great NCLEX Prep Apps

It’s a list of all of the best mobile apps that help organize your study materials, memorize all of the complicated medical vocabularies, and even get help from online tutors that really know their stuff. 

Apps for Study Organization

Studying for these exams is much harder than you may think. While nursing students are getting prepared for the NCLEX, they’re also having to put in training time at hospitals like a full-time nurse. And if you’re an aspiring medical professional, you’ll also have to understand a variety of medical subjects, from the intricacies of the cardiovascular system to dimensional analysis. 

Since the amount of material is so overwhelming and the workload is very time-consuming, future doctors and nurses often have a hard time staying organized as they get prepared. Without helpful mobile apps, you might end up wasting more time getting organized and lose out on precious study time. If you let your phone do your organizing for you, then you can dive right into the materials when you have a spare moment to study. 

Vocabulary Memorization

To accompany the numerous and diverse amount of material on the NCLEX Exam, there’s also an insane amount of vocabulary terms. Many of the questions on the exam boil down to knowing what terms mean or not, so memorizing the vocab is essential. For busy medical students, there’s no better way to memorize vocab quickly than with online flashcards that you can pull up on your phone in your free time. 

Just imagine all the time you may waste on the bus, on the train, sitting on the couch, or hanging out in between tasks at work. If you can use flashcards on a phone or tablet, you’ll be able to use your time to the fullest. These online flashcard apps will also help you categorize what you know and don’t know, seeing the term and definition quickly and then sending them into files of “know” and “don’t know yet”. 

Online Tutoring Help

For those extra tricky subject materials, it may be a good plan to get some extra help. With helpful study apps, you can even sign up for online tutoring via video-chat or text. These tutors are highly qualified and will not cost you as much as regular educational consultants. A different voice or an expert opinion might be all it takes to make certain subjects click for you. 

If you combine the tutoring help with online practice quizzes, you can really make sure you’re prepared. You can take multiple practice exams online, and then do a video-chat with a tutor to go over the incorrect answers, you can get a full picture of where your weaknesses remain. That way, you can narrow down the subject materials you need to focus on and make the most of your study time. 


With so much technology at their hands, like mobile study preparation apps, there is no reason for every hardworking aspiring medical professional to achieve their goals. 

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