Moissan Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

Moissan Diamonds, known as the second hardness only to diamonds in the gem world, are a cheap, excellent color, perfect replacement for a diamond. They want you to believe in one thing: the poor will not go to join in the fun to buy diamonds and buy a Moissan diamond the same as one would a real diamond. It even sparked controversy about whether Moissan diamonds are true or fake, whether they are drilled, or worth buying or not.

Many people already know that “Moissan Diamond” is not a drilled gemstone. It is a silicon carbide (SiC) crystal, which should be called “carbon silica” or “mo “Moissan”  was later artificially called ” Moissan Diamond” in the process of pushing to the international market. To put it bluntly, it is because the Chinese are more sensitive to the word “drill”.

 In appearance, Moissan and diamonds are very similar, and the physical properties are closest to diamonds. It is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish, and it can be checked on some diamond testing equipment. Therefore, adding a “drill” word makes it easier for people to misinterpret Moissan as one of the real diamonds. Of course, it is just like a diamond. There is no semi-finance relationship with diamonds. Diamonds are infinitely close to pure carbon. It is composed of allotropes of carbon, so it has the strongest hardness. In fact, the “scam” is not aimed at Moissanite. Even if the glass is on the hand, it will still blink when the light is full. However, this kind of excessive hype in order to pursue the interests has already caused many people to lose their judgment. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are “scams.”

 Mozambique launched a DF-level color that was synchronized with diamonds in 2015, so it is difficult to distinguish between the two. It is also graded according to the diamond’s 4C standard, color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Mozambique’s refractive index, fire color divergence and gloss are higher than mens diamond dog tag necklaces,

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which is the price/performance ratio. Another point is that it is cheaper. The price of Moissanite is only 1/10 of that of diamonds. Be aware that artificial diamonds cost half as much as natural diamonds, and as little as one-fifth of natural diamonds. Therefore, the “scam” does not refer to Moissanite itself, but a scam developed by Moissanite.

 The official saying is that Mozambique does not belong to the Earth, it comes from the universe. It is said that about 50,000 years ago, a meteorite fell to Arizona, and by the way, this diamond-like mineral was brought over. Until 1893, the Nobel laureate, the French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered this stuff in the crater of the Dea Barrow Canyon, and according to international practice, in 1905, the discoverer The name is named Moissanite.

 Later, in 1905, the C3 company in North Carolina, USA, cultivated and researched in the laboratory, and finally got the artificial Moissanite with high purity. And the company produced the patent at that time, but the patent expired later, but the processing technology is no longer a secret, so all kinds of large and small companies around the world began to produce and sell Moissanite, and the price has dropped. But the quality is also uneven. Of course, it is recognized that the best Moissanite is still in the United States, and China can do it, and the quality is not bad. It can be close to the D color (the whitest level), and the Mozambique drilled by the American Charles S. No difference. The marketing scam that is now on the Internet is that some black-hearted businesses have organized it. Although they cannot monopolize, they can brainwash.

  1. The cost of the raw material of the top Moissan diamond synthesized by the American C3 company is about 2,000 to 3,000 yuan. In the end, the consumer can only buy N times more expensive. If you want to buy a carat of bare stone below 1,000 yuan, it is a dream. But some people will say that this is in China. It is definitely expensive to buy that kind of gem. Buying a lot of things abroad is cheaper than domestic ones. Some people on the Internet have revealed that most of them are coating products from China. They say that they are shipping from Lianyungang East to foreign countries. The price of more than 800 is high. The coated product will change with time.

2, in Nepal the Moissan stone is famous. Why is Mozambique in Nepal famous? The gemstones produced in Nepal are real, but mainly some colored gemstones, such as deep red crystal, topaz, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and so on. China’s synthetic technology is very strong, artificial gold diamond promise rings impossible to distinguish between natural diamonds, synthetic Moissanite, close to D color. It is also said that Nepal is a trade transit station. Although it does not produce Moissanite, the United States will transfer to India for certification and then transfer trade in Nepal. Just because of “import” and cheaper!

  1. Certificate of “Moissan Diamond”. Regarding the certificate, Mosangshi does have a certificate. The so-called Moissanite International Certificate is actually made by the manufacturer himself. GRA is the certificate of authentic American Moissan Diamond. GIA is the American Gemological Institute. It is the author of the international jewelry industry standard. Mozambique will also be issued a certificate, but please note that Moissanite is not a diamond. The certificate must be written with moissanite instead of diamond.
  1. Moissanite itself is a synthetic stone, and there is absolutely no need to do it like a diamond, but who makes it look like a heart diamond necklace. As a “gem” that first appeared in people’s sights with the appearance of synthetic products, it is incomparable with the natural properties of diamonds. It is understandable to buy purely as a substitute for diamonds. It is not whether the price level makes consumers tempted, but that this kind of speculation is itself deceiving, which is a kind of harm to those who really need it.

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