montagne jeunesse foot soak review

Montagne Jeunesse Foot Soak and Lotion Review

montagne jeunesse foot soak reviewWant to know what the best job ever is? Hands down, in my opinion, it’s the one where you get to make kids happy all day. I was watching the guy at Jumpstreet who runs the mechanical bull and noticed how full of joy he seemed just to play his small part in making children laugh. I had a similar experience as a teenager working at the Great American Cookie Company, where we often partnered with the Libby Lu across the way to throw birthday parties for little girls. Seriously, there’s nothing better than watching a six year old scream with delight at a puff of glitter.

One thing little girls love possibly more than acting like baby princesses: acting like their mommies. The whole spa-facial thing is surprisingly popular with the kindergarten set. The kids loved when we used Montagne Jeunesse Masks on their cute little mugs, so I figured maybe I’d like them too. I bought several at Walgreens including the Gel Cream, Mud and Peel-Off Masks, but my favorite was their Foot Soak and Foot Lotion combination pack.

The first step of the duo is to soak your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with the Soothing Pink Grapefruit Foot Soak for 10-15 minutes. After only 5 minutes, my feet felt noticeably softer. I loved getting to sit back and relax as if I were getting a pedicure (minus the massage chair- an investment I’m very keen to make someday). I suggest using it with a foot bath like the ones at nail salons. The soak had an almost lemony scent.

After the soak, you’re directed to dry your feet and apply the second step, which is a Smoothing Spearmint Foot Lotion. The lotion gives a soft tingle to your foot (minty fresh!) and makes your feet feel very refreshed.

My result: softer, fresher, more relaxed feet, just as the package described. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in search for softer feet, and the whole line’s great for a fun girls’ night in. Give the Chocolate Face Mask a go – it smells absolutely delicious!

These products are also very cheap, running at about 2/$3 at local drugstores, so stock up for those days when all you want to do is pamper yourself. Almost better than a day of youthful screams (depending on your mood).

All opinions here are 100% honest (and sometimes 100% sassy). This post is not sponsored and I did not receive anything in exchange for writing about this. I’ve never spoken to a rep for Montagne Jeunesse but if I did, I would tell them I honestly love this stuff.

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  1. Thanks for a really honest review. Those are hard to find online today. I really love these foot masks myself, I get them at Wal-Mart. I like the face masks that are always right next to them too. I get different kinds and try them each time.

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