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Most Common Signs That Your Home Has a Wasp Problem

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Wasps are generally not a nuisance although their sting can hurt. This is because they are generally peaceful creatures. However, they do attack if they feel threatened and they are generally more easily provoked toward the end of the season. This is the time when the females leave to start their own nests.

In most cases the location of the nest is critical. If it’s close to your home then you’re going to find wasps disturbing all your outdoor activities. You should note that wasps can sting repetitively. They also release a pheromone to attract other wasps to the area. This can be painful and be particularly concerning if you have allergies.

Surprisingly, it can sometimes be difficult to spot a wasp problem at home. That’s why you need to find out more about your local wasp specialists and contact them if needed. 

In most cases, your local pest control can eliminate the wasp nest quickly and efficiently. However, you need to be aware of the signs that your home has a problem. This will ensure you call the experts when you need them:

Visible Sightings

The easiest way to see that you have a wasp problem is by noting how often you see wasps in and around your home. Wasps hunt for food and maybe attracted to your home by the sweet smells. If you see the odd wasp then there is unlikely to be a nest on your doorstep. However, if there are always wasps around, you have a nest nearby. 

The best approach is to watch the wasps, you’ll be able to work out where they are flying from and to, this will help you to locate their nest.

The Nest

When in your yard it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for any wasp nest that is being created. There are many different types of wasp, some build nests out of paper, others use mud, and some use wood. 

You should note that wasps that use wood will get the wood from your home. Look closely at the wood attached to your home and you’ll notice small holes, that’s a sign that the wasps are n the area. 

Remember, wasps attack if they feel threatened. You can’t just march u to their nest and attack it.

Look for nests in trees and attached to buildings, especially if there is a convenient corner spot.

What To Do If You Have A Wasp Issue 

You probably know that if a wasp is simply buzzing around you they are checking you out. When this happens stay still and let the wasp do its thing. It will fly away satisfied. You can note the flight path to identify the nest location. 

It’s best to let the professionals handle the issue. However, if you feel obliged to deal with the wasp nest yourself you must attack at night when it is coolest. This makes t harder for the wasps to fly and attack you.

You also need to be well prepared, ensuring that you have the right equipment to finish the job.

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