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No, Brenda Song is not in “Emily in Paris”

Brenda Song Emily in Paris

Many a zillennial fondly remembers Brenda Song from her role as London in “The Suite Life” (both the Of Zack and Cody and On Deck varieties), and there are more than a few who are excited she’s continued her career into Netflix’s hit fashionista indulgence “Emily in Paris”. The only problem? Brenda Song is, uh, not in “Emily in Paris”.

Brenda Song Emily in Paris

Our confused compatriots may be thinking of Ashley Park, who, opposite Lily Collins, plays Emily’s bohemian bestie Mindy:

Ashley Park is a relative Hollywood newcomer, gracing the stage as Gretchen Weiners in the Broadway production of Mean Girls and appearing in Crazy Rich Asians and Only Murders in the Building. Spoiler alert: in the latest season of Emily in Paris, we see Ashley as Mindy and her unpopular new wealthy beau crash Camille and Gabriel’s engagement party-turned-not-wedding by landing a helicopter on the vineyard lawn. Tres elegant, non?

Now we wait with bated breath for Season 4 as Camille has just announced she is pregnant and outed Gabriel and Emily’s mutual attraction to everyone they know, effectively imploding Emily and Alfie’s relationship. Her dress was cute, though.

Camille White Jacquemus off shoulder dress in Emily in Paris

(P.S. The stunning white off-shoulder mini dress Camille wore to the party is Jacquemus La Robe Biasi and you can get the exact piece on Farfetch’d.)

(P.P.S. This table skirt Emily wore to the same event for these most poignant moments with Gabriel is not to my taste, but if it is to yours, it’s Giambattista Valli 2019. It’s the styling that ruins it for me – it should be giving drama as it does on the model, but it’s giving Kate Middleton meets the Pointer Sisters.)

Brenda Song Emily in Paris

So what is Brenda Song up to these days, if not Emily in Paris? Since being a tween television star Brenda has appeared in The Social Network, Scandal, New Girl, and more recently the Hulu dramedy Dollface. While we love Brenda’s work, I’m more interested to see what’s in store for Mindy and the charmingly tousled Benoit in Emily en Paris Season 4!

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