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#Olay28Day Challenge Results – OMG!

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What if you could completely change your skin in less than a month? What if you did less, not more, to make it happen? As a product junkie, I’d typically be apt to cast a skeptical eye at this proposition, but the Olay 28 Day Challenge tempted me. After all, I’m not one to resist a challenge.

For your reference, here’s a pic of my bare skin at the beginning of the challenge:

Now, at the time this photo was taken I’m using a hodgepodge of whatever cleanser, toner and moisturizer please me – and in this profession, believe me when I say I’ve got options. Still, my skin felt tougher than I would like and my pores seemed more enlarged than they should. Overall, I just wanted a more naturally hydrated, glowy effect.

So, per the challenge’s instructions, I dropped all my other products and exclusively used Olay Micro Sculpting Cream and Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream for 28 days straight. And where are we now?

I don’t think this picture really does justice to where I feel my skin is today. It’s softer, dewier and I’m more comfortable without makeup. That to me is more of a holiday gift than anything else. I’m ecstatic! Any more challenges for me, Olay?

Wanna take the challenge yourself? Visit the Olay Skin Advisor to get started. The first 15 people to visit and use code 28DAYS6218 at checkout will get $40 off their Olay.com purchase! For more info on your personal skin care, visit Olay.com.

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