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Ouidad Botanical Boost Spray-In Conditioner Review

Ouidad Botanical Boost ReviewWith all of the dyeing, curling, straightening and blowdrying I put my hair through, some days I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen out yet. One major reason that my hair graces me with the privelege of not yet being bald is my use of products like Ouidad’s Botanical Boost, a lightweight leave-in that spritzes in easily and provides natural moisture. If you have curls, pay attention: this is the solution your dry, brittle hair’s been waiting for.

The winner of Allure‘s 2002 Best Defrizzer Award, Botanical Boost does more than fight flyaways. The product can be spritzed on either wet or dry hair and provides natural moisture through a slew a of vitamins and one of our favorite ingredients, Aloe Vera. The moisture was so lightweight, I could simply run my fingers through my hair and get more shine, less frizz, and healthy moisture without the product feeling heavy or sticky. The scent is clean and fresh without a hint of added fragrance, making it work for ladies with sensitive scalps.

The verdict: 10/10! An absolute must for dry, curly hair.

Ouidad Botanical Boost sells on Amazon for $17.60.

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