Embrace Androgyny – How to Make Your Wardrobe More Gender Fluid

In 2021, the subject of gender has caused much debate. Many people think that a person should be defined by who they are and not confined to a specific sex. A person who identifies as gender fluid, believes that their gender can change over time. Such a person may identify as agender, bigender, or another non-binary identity. If you feel more comfortable blurring the lines between the sexes and want to embrace androgyny through your dress sense, here are some ways to make your wardrobe more gender fluid.

Androgynous Icons

Many famous people have celebrated their sexuality and presented themselves to the public in a way that is neither male nor female but a mix of both.  David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music, and other male musicians throughout the glam rock era in the 1960s and 1970s dabbled with dressing in feminine attire. Throughout the 80s, this look became more pronounced in celebrities such as Boy George and Marilyn. Annie Lennox of Eurythmics was one of the first women to embrace androgyny by sporting a shaved head and pinstripe suit.

Take inspiration from gender-bending icons and build a wardrobe in their honor. Prince always dressed in plush velvet, frilled lace, and stilettos. If you admire his look, invest in some white, balloon-sleeved blouses, purple bell-bottom pants, or even some funky purple glasses. Emulate the early Boy George look by layering lots of baggy clothes – oversized shirts to blur the shape of your body, loose pants, and flat shoes.


Suits are a great gender-neutral wardrobe staple. In the past, suits were always designed to fit the male form, but now they are made to fit the female shape. A person born female but now wanting to identify as male or gender-neutral can enjoy the look of a masculine suit but feel be physically comfortable. Complete the look with a crisp shirt in pastel color, and shoes of your choice – a pair of high heels will look great on anybody, as would a pair of elaborately stitched leather brogues. A tan leather belt or a pair of suspenders with a bow tie can create a preppie look for any gender. Neutral colors are popular among the less flamboyant individuals. If you are loud and proud, fill your closet with bright-colored suits and shirts made from shiny satin and silk and sumptuous velvets.


There are no real set rules when making your wardrobe gender fluid – if you like it, wear it.  Popular clothes for all humans are usually those comfortable to wear, such as joggers, hoodie tops, oversized shirts, boxy T-shirts, and vests. Complete a relaxed, casual look with a knitted beanie hat, sneakers, and some chunky jewelry or a gold watch. Jeans continue to be an important part of everyone’s wardrobe and can be worn loose or skinny fit.  Chinos rolled up at the bottom and worn with slip-on loafers without socks can create an androgynous hipster look. Many shops have now removed gender labels from clothes in their stores and allow customers to peruse the clothes racks without confining themselves to gender-specific clothes. 

5 Major factors to Lookout for When Choosing a Painting Services Company for Your Home

Painting is the appropriate way to refreshen and upgrade your home. However, achieving the ideal paint job is not as effortless. Besides picking the highest paint quality, you need to choose the most experienced painters in the market. 

It does not count if you’re using the best quality paint if the painters are unprofessional and inexperienced. The result will be a less-appealing space.  Arriving at the best painting services company does not have to be a daunting task if you consider some of the factors we discuss below. 

Before we look at these, what are some of the reasons you might need to paint your home?

  • Improve its outlook
  • Increase its value
  • Keep dust at bay
  • Promote indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Protect exterior surfaces

Factors to consider when choosing a painting services company for your home

  1. Experience

Generally, a painting services company with painters with many years of experience means that they have perfected their craft. With experience comes with hands-on knowledge, as well as technical knowledge to undertake your project. 

When you work with experienced painters, there is less likelihood of mistakes since they know how to do their job right. Remember, the more years in the painting industry, the better their skill, expertise, professionalism, and services. 

  1. Budget

When undertaking any home improvement project, it is essential to look around for multiple quotes. The lowest one isn’t always the best choice. When it comes to your painting project, you want to choose a painting services company that will quote you a fair price to get the job well done. 

The quotes should indicate a certain degree of honesty and professionalism in service. Avoid companies who give unreasonably low quotes for their painting services. It could mean that their painters are rookies, use cheap products and cut corners while doing the job. 

  1. Proper insurance and licenses

Without the right insurances and state-issued licenses, you are risking your time, money, and other resources. Before hiring the services, a particular painting services company, make sure that they have the right credentials in order. That shows that they are qualified and can get trusted for the job. It also shows that the company is liable for protecting its painters. And your home in the event of an accident.  

  1. Communication

Excellent communication is a sign of good customer service on the part of the painting services company. With the best customer-client relationship, a safe avenue to express your concerns, expectations, and desires for the project gets created. 

The company you choose should offer excellent customer service. They should be prompt in answering their phone calls and show concern while answering all your queries. Open communication is vital for the success of any project. 

  1. Reputation

Finally, painting services companies that offer quality services have a proven track record of satisfied clients. Find out what their past and present clients think about their services. Check their review online to see if their services can be relied on. Their social media handle is also a great place to interact with their past clients to get reviews. If the quality of their painting services appeals to you, you can go ahead and hire them. 

Do You Want to Have Better Skin? How Steam Can Help

Whatever we do, we can expect our skin to take the brunt of our activities. We will sweat, get dirty, touch dirt, and whatever else that gets in contact with our skin. It is important to keep the skin clean as much as possible, and the best way to do so is to take a shower. A regular shower will get rid of most of the impurities on the skin but imagine taking a shower with steam. It will benefit your skin a lot more. 

Taking a much-deserved shower after a long day at work, a workout, or to freshen up on a humid day is one thing that not only will keep you clean but will provide you with benefits that you would otherwise not get from a regular shower. Taking a relaxing steam shower has a lot of benefits, especially to the largest organ in the body – the skin. If you are looking for reasons to switch to a steam shower, the following will help you decide. 

  • Steam opens up the pores. When the pores open, the skin loosens the buildup and makes it easier to get rid of it with the help of gentle scrubbing and rinsing. 
  • It is hydrating. There is nothing worse than sporting dry skin, especially on cold days. The steam will hydrate the skin, making it supple and smooth. Hydrated skin will give you more benefits other than making you look good. 
  • It gets rid of bacteria and germs that cause acne. Acne is the most common skin problem that many people face. Taking a shower will release the bacteria and germs that will guarantee the formation of acne on your face and other parts of the body. 
  • It releases sebum. Sebum is the oil that our body produces. It softens the hair and skin. But when the skin traps the sebum on the surface, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to inhibit, causing acne and other skin impurities. 
  • It aids the skin in absorbing products better. Since steam opens up the pores, the products that you use on your skin are absorbed much better. This means that your skin will get the full effects of the products because they reach underneath the skin where the products have the most effect. 
  • It makes the skin look younger. Since taking a shower with steam improves circulation, it will help in the development of collagen and elastin, which make skin look younger and firmer. A younger and firmer skin looks not only good, but it also helps you prevent the development of other skin issues. 

Besides skin benefits, there are more good things you can get from showering with steam. Did you know it can help with lowering blood pressure and aids in better circulation? Although it is not the only treatment for such ailments, it can significantly aid in relieving them.

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Best Wedding Lehenga Choli Designs For Brides

“The Grand Indian Wedding” is well known throughout the world for its extravaganza, décor, henna, and beautiful outfits! Girls start their wedding outfit search way before the date is finalized! They take their inspiration from celebrities, movies and TV shows, Instagram pages, Pinterest boards, magazines, and designer blogs. 

One of the most commonly opted wedding outfits is the wedding lehenga choli. The lehengas are heavy skirts with flare or trail and intricate work. The cholis are blouses or tops with three-fourths, sleeveless or full sleeves, and delicate work. These lehenga cholis are complemented with a beautiful dupatta or a veil which completes the look! 

Take a look at the latest trending lehenga choli designs for weddings and get some inspiration for your big day!

The Classic Red!

Red wedding lehenga cholis are the ideal choice for an Indian bride. Red is a bright and bold colour, and it has a huge significance in Indian weddings. Red is the colour of new life, fertility, power, and family! Brides often opt for red lehenga cholis with heavy golden work. The red lookalike Sabyasachi lehenga choli look is the most desired one. The intricate gold thread work and the flare on the lehenga just complete the bridal look and make the bride look and feel like a queen for the day!

The Elegant White!

White is the colour of purity, and many brides opt for white lehenga choli for brides. Brides deck up in the white lehenga cholis believing in the purity and strength of their new life and relationship. White lehenga cholis have their fan base for the elegant look they create without being too heavy or flashy. These are supposed to be the most delicate pieces, and the trend of white lehenga choli have been gradually increasing in the past two to three years.

The Joyful Yellow!

Yellow is a colour that screams happiness and joy. Very few brides choose to wear a yellow bridal lehenga choli on their big day, not because they don’t like it, but, at Indian weddings, there’s a ceremony called the “Haldi” where the bride and the groom are smeared with lots of turmeric paste. During this ceremony, the bride and the groom, both of them, prefer to wear yellow outfits as it matches the theme of the ceremony.

Hence, they wouldn’t repeat the same colour on their big day. But a yellow bridal lehenga choli wedding dress is one of the most beautiful outfits that you can wear on the day of the wedding. The bright yellow is often contrasted with a dark green or red border, which looks ethereal if you are planning on buying a yellow wedding lehenga choli.

The Pleasant Pastels!

One can never go wrong with pastels! Pastel Pink, Peach, Misty Rose, Lavender, Alice blue, Thistle, and Sea green are some of the most common pastel shades especially chosen by the brides for their lehenga choli for marriage. Usually, summer brides opt for pastel shades as they are considered cool colours, and they keep us comfortable in the hot summers. Designers have created some wonderful pastel pieces you can draw your special wedding lehenga choli inspiration from while you are researching for that perfect wedding outfit.

The Crazy Contrasts!

At times brides love to go crazy with the colours. They choose contrasting shades such as pink with blue, yellow with green or purple, orange with pink, and so on. Brides follow the colour wheel while choosing the colours of their outfits. If they chose pink as the wedding choli for the bride, they would go ahead and select the total opposite of pink on the colour wheel, like yellow or green as the lehenga. These contrasting outfits tend to create an eye-catching, bold image in the viewer’s eyes. Because of their fun and cheery vibe, contrasting lehengas are gaining a huge fan base.

Designer lehenga choli for marriage

Nowadays, designer lehenga cholis are in demand, as they are unique and stylish. These are specifically designed for that one person! One cannot find another copy of a designer wedding lehenga choli. These can get expensive or go easy on your pocket, depending on the type of design, fabric, and detailing! Let’s look at some of the most common ways one can design their lehenga uniquely:

  • By adding initials of the couple on the lehenga or choli: Customized outfits are trending, and adding the initials on the wedding outfit would make the wedding outfit special and unique to the couple.
  • By matching the design and material of the lehenga choli with the groom’s outfit: Very few couples tend to design and match their outfits. These outfits turn out to be cute and unique. For instance, the bride’s maroon velvet lehenga or the wedding choli for the bride  and the groom’s maroon sherwani can be made from a single running material. That way, the outfits are special and unique to the couple!
  • By creating an extra-long trail to the lehenga: Most of the time, brides would want their outfits to have the biggest flare, just like the ones in the Disney movies! Bring out your inner Cinderella or Aurora by designing unique lehengas with an extra-long trail or by adding the biggest flare to your wedding lehengas. 
  • By recreating their mother’s evergreen wedding look: Mother’s wedding looks are from the golden era. Recreating the wedding look by using either the dupatta or the lehenga can make your lehenga unique! Most of the brides opt to recreate their mothers wedding looks or try to incorporate one of the elements from their mother’s wedding look to make it special and sentimental!

Wedding shopping can be really stressful and exciting at the same time! Deciding the colours, the fabrics, patterns, cute embellishments, matching jewellery, and footwear will definitely take a lot of time, energy and planning! Lots of inspiration is required to bring your wedding outfit to life! If you are looking out for a stress-free wedding lehenga online shopping inspiration, I hope this article was of some help to you!

The Importance of Waterproofing your Basement

A basement can add a lot of space to your home. Some people use them as playrooms, apartments, and guest areas. You can enjoy your basement more when the space remains dry and safe. Failure to waterproof a basement can result in water damage and dangerous mold. The porous nature of cement allows water to absorb easily. This can then cause humidity, mold, and water damage in your basement. Seal your new basement and repeat the process every 2- 5 years to prevent damage. 

Your Health

The air quality in your home contributes to your health. When moisture enters the home, it can lead to mold. Once mold starts to grow, it spreads quickly. This can lead to costly damage control and repairs. You may notice high humidity in the entire home if moisture gets into your basement. Many people have an allergic reaction to mold, making it difficult to stay healthy when moisture enters the home. Call for Michigan basement repair immediately if you notice moisture or mold in your basement. 

Damage to Floors and Walls

The floors and walls in your basement can crack if you have moisture or foundation issues. Once you have a crack, more water can seep in, as well. Call for an inspection and repair if you notice cracks in your basement. You may need to have more sealant applied after the repair. If you have carpet in the basement you may not notice cracks until your floor becomes unlevel or wet. Tile floors may have noticeable cracks along with the cement underneath. 

Value of Your Home

Most homeowners like to maintain the value of the home. The appraisal value depends a lot on the condition of the home. Repairs and updates can help with the value. Waterproofing the basement contributes to keeping the appraisal value high. If you need to sell your home, you may get a better price for the home. A sealed basement may give buyers more confidence in the stability of the home. 

Utility Costs

When you have moisture in the home, the high humidity can lead to excessive use of the air conditioning. You may try to cool and dry out the home with little success. This extra usage can cause your electric bill to rise significantly. Cracks in the basement can also allow heat to escape during the winter, making it difficult to keep your house warm. 

You can benefit from a sealed basement in many ways. Your family can stay healthy since waterproofing helps prevent mold. You can also save money on your electric and gas bills. The value of your home may stay high or even rise when you have the basement waterproofed, as well. Have your basement waterproofed every 2- 5 years to avoid water damage. If you notice cracks in the walls or floors, have a professional evaluate the situation immediately. You may have a leak or foundation issue. With proper preparation, you can enjoy the basement as an extended living space.

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