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I’m A Paul Mitchell #PMInsider, And It Rocks

Paul Mitchell Insiders Hair Bloggers Feature

There have been a few favorite milestones in my blogging career: interviewing Ashanti, Mandy Moore, and models Daria Werbowy and Elettra Rossellini? Check. Flying all-expense paid to New York, Los Angeles and Paris for OBB (that’s Official Blogging Business to you)? Check. Writing two books on blogging that have made the Amazon top 100 lists for Web Marketing? Check. I’m a lucky gal.

Yes, blogging has been an incredible, life-changing adventure for me – but becoming a Paul Mitchell Insider is going to make the list as one of my favorite moments.

If you’re breathing and reading this website, you’re familiar with the brand and you know that they’re the premier name in haircare. But what you probably don’t know is how they treat their team – bloggers, stylists, whoever – like royalty. (Even if they’re not naturally handy with their hair, like hair-challenged me.)

When I received my Insiders Welcome Box, I got a buzz like I haven’t felt since I got on the MAC Cosmetics Press List five years ago. It deserved a (slightly disheveled and goofy) Youtube video:

Here’s the products included:

I am so, so stoked about this. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Follow us on Twitter at #PMInsiders and find out!

5 thoughts on “I’m A Paul Mitchell #PMInsider, And It Rocks

  1. I love Paul Mitchell! I really want to try that Awapuhi Ginger line! Thank you so much for sharing this. You are definitely super blessed!

    Yours, Karolina

  2. Hi there fellow #PMInsider! 🙂 I, too, am SO happy to be a part of this team! I’m a bit hair challenged as well and was so surprised they wanted me to be a part, which is also my first BIG thing as a blogger! 🙂

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