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Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy Review

Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy

Another embarrassing secret I’ll share: despite my age (I’m a ripe old 28), I already have some embarrassing turkey-like wrinkles forming on my neck. (Caused by all the head craning when I walk past Sephora’s yummy window displays, no doubt.) To battle the lines while I still have time, I tested Perricone MD’s Firming Neck Therapy.

How does it work? The product has anti-glycating qualities to combat premature wrinkles that develop as a result of excess sugar compounds, which bind to protein fibers and cause them to become dry, brittle and less tensile.

Perricone MD Firming Neck TherapyThe positives: Unlike some products that take a scientific approach rather than an all-natural one, Firming Neck Therapy doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It feels instantly soothing, like a traditional cold cream. Though claims of odorlessness are rarely true, I can’t detect a hint of fragrance in this product. And my turkey neck really does feel and look smoother!

The negatives: Very little, save for the large, cumbersome jar and the hefty price tag. (Here’s a tip: never leave a $100 moisturizer in your car in the Phoenix heat. I nearly cried.)

Application tips: Massage in gentle circular motion into the neck and décolleté areas both morning and evening. When you’re rubbing this cream on your neck, dab a little on the tops of your cuticles, too! It’s already made mine softer, and it never irritates them.

NV Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy sells for $95.00 at Amazon.com.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I try to NEVER leave anything in my car. I did leave some lip balm in the car once and it was destroyed. Phoenix is a hot beast.

    I am so glad I found your blog and look forward to reading more!

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