Why professional massage will change your life

Previously, I’ve only seen massages as a luxury for women more rich and less busy than I am. But after experiencing my very first professional massage, I’m a believer in its power.

My resolution for 2016 is inspired by one of my favorite films, Dead Poets Society. For this year, I resolve to suck the marrow out of life. Work hard, play hard, relax hard… Generally drink from the cup of life. My relax-hard plan definitely involves more massage.

I got my first-ever massage at the new Fuchsia Spa on High Street in Phoenix, and the experience made for a great first impression.Fuchsia Spa on High Street Phoenix Massage

I got my choice of custom relaxing tunes (I’m a Zen-spa kinda gal, pretty standard, but more avant-garde choices like jazz and Maroon 5 were available) to add to my experience.
Fuchsia Spa on High Street Phoenix Massage

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, but not at all snobby about the fact that I was a massage newbie:

Fuchsia Spa on High Street Phoenix Massage

Predictably, the best part was the actual massage. I’m a skeptic who eschews most psuedosciencey New Age purports of wellness benefits, but there’s a mystical feeling that overtakes your body during massage.

You can feel the lactic acid leave your muscles and seep into your bloodstream, and at the end you feel some combination of post-workout and post-fantastic-nap. (One word of warning: load up on water after a really deep one, or all that released lactic acid will make you feel sore as all-get-out.)

The ultimate activity may be one where you feel both indulgent and accomplished, and that perfectly describes massage. Trust me: integrate it into your life. (And don’t worry, the rooms are warm and the techs leave while you cover up, so no need for chills or shame.)

What’s your experience with professional massage? Are you a fan?

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