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Proof We’ll Do Some Weird Stuff for Softer Feet

Us ladies do some craziness in the name of beauty. And not just beautiful faces – beautiful bodies, literally from the roots of our dye jobs to the cracked, angry soles of our feet.

baby foot japan wtf is this
It’s getting closer…. KILL IT WITH FIRE


Recently I heard about a strange, Japanese phenomenon called “Baby Foot”. Yes, Baby Foot. As famously featured on the Today Show and presumably so named because… it makes your feet as soft as a baby’s? Why ONE foot? Why not “Baby Feet”? That would be way less creepy.

If the name isn’t weird enough, the product itself makes up for it. See, the process is, you soak your feet in hot water first. Not too weird… until you put each of them in this little bag of mystery Japan-gel and leave them there for like two hours.

It’s not weird because you can’t walk around on gel and thus are stuck on your tush in front of RHOA for two hours. (That part’s kinda great. I suggest comboing with whitening.)

[ctt title=”What will women really do for softer feet%253F (hint: it’s weird)” tweet=”What will women really do for softer feet? (hint: it’s weird)” coverup=”l1ar5″]

It’s weird because within the next couple of days, tons of dead skin peels off. Like, zombie necrosis amounts of skin. For 2-10 days. I thought maybe I’d contracted leprosy.

(Sorry, I just read that apparently it’s uncool to joke about leprosy because that’s a serious disease that affects tons of people. I also read that about OCD. I hereby take back everything I’ve ever said about anything, ever.)

There’s even a “peeling contest” on their website so you can compare how much of your skin comes off due to using Baby Foot. (But the real question is, is it your goal to win, or…? I mean, who wants to win a contest for having the most detritus-plagued feet?)

Anyway, I guess technically it worked on me, because my annoying callus was smaller than it’s ever been and my feet felt ultra-soft. But it was so gross that I’d hesitate before doing it again. The skin-peeling is also kind of gross if you wear sandals or any shoes that show any part of your feet -even the top. I was in socks in Phoenix for days!

If you’re looking for some less terrifying foot-prettifying products, here are a few:

The bottom line is, we ladies will go to great lengths to ditch our calluses and achieve the flawless tootsies we were born with. And I guess if that’s our main complaint, we should all probably go visit Uganda or something.

4 thoughts on “Proof We’ll Do Some Weird Stuff for Softer Feet”

  1. Your caption on that top pic is PRICELESS!! Ha! I really had to do a double take on the characters when I read that.

    Great post!

    xoxo – Jen.

  2. I’m horrified, but I think I need to try this! My heels are atrocious, and I’m desperate. Maybe my “baby foot” will climb out from underneath my skin, a la their appetizing ad.

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