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How To Properly Clean Your Cosmetic Bags

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If you’re a beauty and makeup enthusiast, chances are, you consider your cosmetic bag as a treasure chest. You know that what’s inside is extremely valuable, but you also want that bag to look fabulous. So, you don’t just go for shabby bags to put your makeup and applicators into. You make sure to pick your own among those one of a kind cosmetic bags sold by reliable boutiques and shops.

It’s fabulous and crisp when it’s new but don’t expect it to stay that way for long. You’d be surprised to see how dirty it has turned out after weeks and months of use. Cleaning your cosmetic bag doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but doing so will require patience. Follow these steps, and your makeup bag will look clean and neat again:

  1.    Purge Your Cosmetics

Every time you buy new makeup, your cosmetic bag usually gets crammed up inside. When it’s finally time to clean it, you have to know which cosmetics you should throw away and those you can still keep.

You’ll have to take them all out of the bag anyway, so take the time to sort out the ones that must be thrown to the trash. Here are the things you need to consider when purging your cosmetic bag:

  • Makeup, applicators, and brushes that you’re no longer using or those that you plan not to use anymore
  • Products that are nearing or already past its expiration date
  • Noticeable change in the product’s color and texture
  • Damaged brushes and applicators

Gather all makeup products, tools, and applicators that you’re going to keep and put them aside in a clean area. You’ll have to clean them afterward, too.

  1.    Clean the Bag

Once you’re done taking out and setting the contents of your cosmetic bag aside, shake out any residual powder left inside. You’ll notice that there are many makeup stains left. This calls for a thorough cleaning.

An important thing to consider when it comes to cleaning a cosmetic bag is the kind of material it is made of:

  • Plastic
    This type is easy to clean. Just wipe both interior and exterior of the bag using wet wipes. For makeup smudges, use an effective makeup remover. Once the stains are gone and the bag is all clean-looking, make sure to wipe or spray it with alcohol to disinfect.
  • Cloth
    Using wipes may not be enough to clean this kind of bag. You can use mild dishwashing detergent and wash the bag with your hands. If it’s made more durable, using a washing machine will do. Use a mesh bag and set it to gentle wash to keep the bag from getting damaged.


  • Leather


Cleaning leather requires more care to preserve its luster and texture. For its stains and scuffs, soapy water in a soft cloth can be used.

  1.    Clean the Cosmetics

You wouldn’t want to smudge bacteria on your face every time you apply your makeup. Take the makeup products, tools, and applicators you set aside and clean them one by one.

Here’s how:

  • Sponges and applicators
    • Mix mild liquid soap and warm water into a bowl.
    • Soak your sponge and applicators into the solution and thoroughly wash and squeeze out dirt and makeup.
    • Rinse them under warm running water and set them aside to air-dry.
    • Makeup Brushes
      • Wet the tip of your brush with warm water.
      • Gently massage the bristles with mild soap.
      • Rinse it and wipe with a clean towel.
      • Make sure to remove excess moisture.
      • Reshape the bristles.
      • Place it on a table with the bristles over the edge and let it air-dry.


  • Makeup Cases and Tubes


    • Use a clean cloth to wipe away makeup buildup on the lids of makeup cases and liquid tubes.
    • Wipe the interior of makeup cases including the mirrors.
    • To disinfect, simply spray some alcohol directly onto the foundation and let it dry. For liquid makeup, wipe off the nozzle and cap with alcohol.
    • For stubborn makeup stains, you may use a makeup remover.

  1.    Put Them Back Inside

Now that the cosmetic bag is squeaky clean, it’s time to put the clean makeup products, sponges, brushes, and applicators back inside. You wouldn’t want them all scrambled up. So, properly arrange them inside. Do it Marie Kondo style. It’ll be easier for you to take out the pieces you need whenever you have to use them.

You don’t have to be a neat freak to own a perfectly clean cosmetic bag. Just use these simple cleaning tips as your guide. How often you do it depends on how often you apply makeup. It’s best that you also pay attention to its condition so you’d know when it’s time for another cleanup. Having a clean cosmetic bag is already a huge step in keeping your makeup routine more sanitary, so make it a priority and a habit.


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