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What should you consider before purchasing silk bedding?

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Silk is the most luxurious types of bedding in the world. Everybody loves to sleep on it. To get pure and long strand silk beddings you have to expend a lot. Consequently, due to the high price, everybody cannot afford to buy silk beddings like best silk duvet, pillow, pillowcase or comforter. So, to make silk bedding affordable for all income range people, the manufacturer sometimes mixed silk with cotton or other natural fabrics. This mixed bedding can give you the flavor of silk but to get a lovely touch of silk you should high your budget.

 There is some common question arises in the mind of the silk bedding buyer, these are:

  1. Why silk bedding is superior to other bedding?
  2. What are the types of silk?
  3. Is there any difference between summer silk bedding and winter silk bedding?

 Now we are going to answers these questions one by one.

  1. Why silk bedding is superior to other bedding

This is the most common questions asked by the silk bedding customer. Normally, from childhood they learn from their family is that silk beddings are very costly, luxury, superior to every fabric. The possible reasons for this superiority is that


  • It is smooth.
  • Our body skin loves the touch of silk.
  • It is natural so it is hypoallergenic
  • It can resist dust and any other allergens.
  • Silk is made for all season. Some manufacturer made different silk bedding for summer and winter.
  • It is durable and last long without any tear.
  • It works fine for improving health, hair and skin conditions.
  1. What are the types of silk?

There are different types of silk. Now we have shown the type of silk shortly.

Charmeuse Silk:

It is the most common types of silk. it is lightweight fabric which is used for all types of beddings and even silk pajamas, pant, etc.

Mulberry Silk.

 If you search for the highest quality irrespective of the price than Mulberry Silk should be your choice. It is the softest and elastic fabric among all silk fabric.

Tussah Silk

 It is made from wild silkworms. So, it lacks the quality that mulberry and charmeuse silk has. Additionally, it is not durable as well.

Other types of silk:

There are Habotai Silk and Dupioni Silk fabric are also available but these are not good form making silk bedding. In a nutshell, you should go for mulberry silk bedding if you have a good budget.

  1. Is there any difference between summer silk bedding and winter silk bedding?

Although silk works great for all season silk duvet or comforter manufacturer made three different types of silk duvet or comforter. One for summer seasons which is light and less warm. The second one is for the autumn season which is heavier and costlier than the first one. And finally, the most important gives to the winter comforter. Its price is almost double compared to the summer comforter.


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