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Reasons Why You Should Use Metal Corner Guards in Your Home or Office

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Whether you are building a home or office, one important aspect to consider making your building cost-efficient and safe is to think about the wall corners. Using metal corner guards can effectively keep your wall in good condition and other valuables in your home. 

Installation of metal corner guard is one of the most ignored factors in buildings. But understanding its importance can save your home, especially during accidents and tragedies. Additionally, they help to make your house look new for a long time. So, let’s dive a little deeper to identify reasons why you should consider metal corner Guard to your office, home or place of preference. 

Prevent Wallpaper from Peeling Up

If you visit some homes, you will realize the wallpaper is coming out, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, due to constant moisture. The presence of moisture eats the adhesive away. So, if a renovation is about to happen and plan to redo another beautiful wallpaper, it’s advisable to add a metal corner guard to maintain the wallpaper’s condition. 

When the corner guard is of great quality, your wallpaper will stay in its place without any interference or peel out. Also, using the corner guard saves you money on unending repairs.

Guard Against Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are inevitable, and you’ll experience storms, earthquakes, floods, and more from one time or another. The surprising thing is these disasters are never announced the exact date they will happen. While many homeowners are always prepared against such disasters, you should plan how to minimize the protective mechanism or the impact of the incident. 

Note that trying to bring your home back to normal after the disaster is over may cost your arm and leg. In some serious circumstances, buildings are completely forced to close down to allow renovation to take place. You can imagine the time it takes to renovate and re-open, especially when it is used for commercial business. The only way to avoid such costly instances you can install the top best metal corner guards to protect your building. 

Prevent Injury

When there’s an incident, most injuries happen at the corners. It is commonplace where you are likely to get injured, and placing a corner guard can prevent injuries. Corner guards effectively eliminate incidents, but they are durable to serve building occupants for long. 

The most vulnerable group that is likely to get injured within corners is young babies and Toddlers. Sometimes when they plan and run around, they rarely pay attention to things around them. And the way to prevent them from injuries is through the installation of a corner guard to end the menace completely. 

Strategically place corner guards in areas you believe may be dangerous to others. The guard helps to protect the wall from getting damaged and protecting the lives of those living in that premises or building. If you have pets or members of your family using a wheelchair, make sure to install a quality and sturdy corner guard to prevent them from hurting themselves or scratching the wall. Identify sharp corners and place the corner guard strategically as they tend to hurt people if not installed correctly. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

All buildings require renovations after some time, whether it’s your office or residential. You should hire a professional to maintain the condition of your house. But you can minimize maintenance costs significantly by installing shielding wall features. Rather than spend money every now on then repairing scratches on your building wall or corners, put that to stop by purchasing a metal corner guard and enjoy a stress-free life. 

Protect Drywall Corners from Damage

The number one reason for installing a corner guard is to protect the wall from any damage. The reason corners get damaged easily than any other part in your home or building because they are positioned in areas that allow items to be pushed or carried to be caught on them. The outcome of that are gouges, torn drywall paper, and dents.

When you put a corner guard in your building, it acts as a barrier to prevent constant interference with the wall and edges. The wall finishing maintains a great look for many years. Today, you can purchase a corner guard that matches your home setting, colors, and design such that not many may even realize whether you have one installed if it beautifully blends with your home environment. Alternatively, you can paint them to your preferred color. 

Add Some Architectural Interest

If you feel like changing your building’s look, you may change the design of your corner guard to enhance the appearance you envision. There are various corner guards you can use, depending on your needs. Some use wooden guards, stainless steel, and aluminum though metal one is sturdier. So, whatever design you want your corner guard to have, your corner and the wall benefit the more from damages at the end of the day. 


When purchasing the corner guard, make sure it is of great quality to give you the needed service. Many types of products selling in the market are not of good quality, and you need to identify a durable corner guard that will not require replacement later after some months. 

The quality of your cornerstone depends on the metal grade that you choose for your building. For instance, the most common types of grade you’ll find in the market are 304, which is standard. Others are substandard such as type 430, which is said to be highly corrosive. If you want to have a metal cornerstone that will provide you with long service, check its durability.


If you follow the reasons above when purchasing a metal corner guard, you will see the benefit in your home or commercial building. Above all, it will keep your family or close people to you safe, maintain cleanliness on your wall, and save you money. You just require planning your interior’s look and purchasing something that augurs well with it. Finally, make sure the installation process is done the right way if you want the corner guard to withstand daily pressure for years.

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