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Recognizing Those Who Exceed Expectations with Awards

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All humans want to be recognized when they do a good job. We all look for compliments when we do something nice or when we go above and beyond what is expected of us. Many of us do not get recognized enough in our careers because the work we do is often overlooked. It is crucial that businesses and other leaders start giving their employees and workers recognition when they do a good job and exceed expectations.

Giving a recognition award makes the recipient feel good about themselves and often makes them want to keep doing a good job. There are various types of awards, including acrylic awards, glass awards, paper awards, metal trophies, and more. No matter what kind of award a person gets, they are happy to at least be recognized for the work they do. A recognition award benefits both the worker and the company. It can boost the workers’ self-esteem and confidence and make them a happier employee that is less likely to call out sick. It also benefits the company because when one person gets recognized, it makes all others want to get an award so they, in turn, try harder.

In school, students are frequently given awards, like Student of the Month. While awards are common in academic settings there should be more awards given out. Students should frequently be recognized for the work they do inside and outside of the classroom. It is a school’s responsibility to educate students and help them socialize. Schools should provide additional recognition awards for students who exceed expectations in the classroom, but also in the hallways or in their after-school activities. All students want to be recognized for their accomplishments and doing so can make the school a better place to be.

Adults should also be given recognition awards in their places of work. Teachers, nurses, law enforcement, bus drivers, firefighters, and even corporate employees should be given recognition awards. Many of these employees exceed expectations each and every day and are not given even a thank you. Recognizing these employees for the excellent work they do, either through employee benefit plans or some other kind of award, could make these people much happier going to work every day and make the environment in which they work a better place.

There are a variety of reasons why employees should be given a recognition award and the leaders of companies and public offices should do everything they can to ensure that their employees are recognized. If workers pick up extra shifts and cover for other employees when they are on vacation they should be given a recognition award. This is a common issue for the nursing staff. Many times nurses cover extra shifts and work harder than they need to to ensure that their patients are cared for. They deserve to be recognized for the excellent work they do.

Another reason for a recognition award would be for employees taking the lead on a new initiative that the company is trying to implement. This is common in the field of education. Many teachers or professors go above and beyond their job responsibilities and lead professional development classes or lead clubs and sports that benefit their students. These individuals often devote extra time to the school without pay to make the school a better place for teachers and students alike. These individuals deserve to be recognized for their devotion.

In the corporate world, employees need to be recognized for the work they do to make the company a better place to work and a more efficiently run business. Many times corporations reward their employees with a salary increase, but they should also consider giving their employees a recognition award. They can give recognition awards for employees who find ways to save the company money, work overtime to meet deadlines, lead new projects, recognize peers, train new employees, and prevent accidents from occurring.

Another place where people deserve to be recognized for the work they do is in areas of volunteerism. Volunteers devote their free time to helping others. They go above and beyond what society expects of them and they deserve to be recognized for it. Each day they volunteer to help others and this helps to change the lives of people they work with. They are constantly making others happier and they deserve to be recognized for it. A recognition award can go a long way and make those who receive them a lot happier because they feel like the work they are doing is noticed and appreciated.

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