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Redefining Yourself: 5 Tips for Finding Your Fashion Style

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Women get a lot of advice about fashion. Social media, magazines, and TV shows all have a lot to say about what is and isn’t in style. Despite this, fashion isn’t one-size-fits-all. Trendy, cutting-edge fashion often doesn’t make women feel comfortable or self-confident. Many don’t even like these pieces and stick with what they know and are comfortable in. And that’s actually not a bad thing. With a few tweaks, that approach can be the key to creating your own fashion style. These five tips can help.

Signature Jewelry

Create a memorable look with signature, much-loved jewelry pieces. This could mean being the woman who wears turquoise, the woman who always wears silver layered necklaces, or the woman who wears large, eye-catching teardrop earrings as her only accessory. It’s not boring to stick with much-loved pieces—it’s iconic. Unsure about choosing a single style to reflect individual taste and personality? If you’re looking for help, visit urbanaccessoriesnyc.com and other jewelry websites to see what catches your eye

Color Palette

Choose wardrobe pieces to match a set color palette. For example, base pieces in shades of grey, and tops, scarves, and other complementary pieces in soft pastels, with accessories in black. Having a wardrobe that sticks with one palette gives a woman signature colors while allowing her to mix-and-match pieces for flexibility and variety in outfits. Pro tip: choose colors that compliment skin tone, complexion, and hair color.

Body Shape

Cosmo advises keeping body shape in mind when choosing pieces, in addition to colors. Look for cuts and styles that compliment your body’s features. Short women, for example, should look for slacks that fit the wearer’s inseam and don’t drag on the ground. Choose pieces that fit well in the store, but don’t pass up an item because it’s not quite right. Tailoring pants and skirts that are too long, for example, is quick and affordable.

Signature Scent

Wear a signature scent. Style isn’t all about clothes: hair, makeup, and even nails all play into a woman’s personal style. Those things often change throughout a woman’s life, but to help create and maintain a signature style, perfume shouldn’t. Scent and memory are entwined, and most everyone has that one woman they remember when they catch the scent of a certain perfume. Be the woman in someone’s memory who always wore Chanel N°5, for example.

Designer Pieces

Include a few dressy designer pieces in your wardrobe for special events. Look for styles that are classic rather than trendy, and choose iconic fashion labels like Vera Wang, Prada, and Balenciaga. Be the woman who appreciates a few perfect designer pieces, not the woman who has a new, flashy outfit for every event that she never wears again. In fact, this is Harper Bazaar’s number one tip to be more stylish.

Creating a signature style is about ignoring fashion trends and choosing a look to carry through the years. Consider Marilyn Monroe, arguably one of the greatest fashion icons of all time. In our collective memory, we remember her signature colors and styles: black, white, and red, in pieces that are still considered stylish and chic today. Of course, that doesn’t mean never buying new styles. Rather, it means choosing new styles and pieces that go with your signature style so they’ll fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and last for years.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing your tips!
    Jewelry is always a good idea to upgrade any style 😉

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