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Register For A Couples’ Night In!

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So many of us register for our weddings with only our new lovenest in mind. But while that might be a delight for your tile backsplash, what’s in it for you?

My opinion: treat yo’self, and think about what’s really going to benefit the two of you as a couple and the experiences you’ll have together once the wedding bells have rung and gone.

One lovely occasion: a Couple’s Night In. Invite your favorite fellow couple over to hang out, munch, watch a film or two, and enjoy yourselves in recently-married bliss.

best buy wedding registry samsung tvDress your wall to impress with a 4K Ultra HD TV

This may be more of a groom’s item, but the pleasure will be all yours when his fellow hubby’s jaw drops in witness to the greatness that is your television. Imagine as your man’s chest swells with pride over the Ultra HD greatness. (Plus, put it on the registry now and you won’t have to hear myriad birthday/Father’s Day hints dropped for all eternity – a lesson I wish someone had taught ME.) Group Gifting makes big gifts like this one possible, so don’t limit yourselves!

best buy wedding registry vitamix__pro_series_750Blend up tasty cocktails and dips with the Vitamix Pro

Don’t let the name throw you – the Vitamix is a BOSS when it comes to making a fancy blended cocktail or a buttkicking guac to share with your hubby and fellow couple alike.

couples playing-wii best buyHave fun with the Wii

Haven’t played a videogame since hair bands were in? Never fear – the Wii is a kinder, gentler, more adult-group-friendly game system than the Nintendays of yore. Just give Wii Sports a try (usually included in the system) and you’ll see. Simulating group bowling in your living room is surprisingly delightful.

What else would you register for to make a butt-kicking Couples Night In?

Register for all these goodies and more with the Best Buy Registry, and think outside the registry box. Thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this post. 

One thought on “Register For A Couples’ Night In!

  1. Hello! This is a cute idea. Of course I had planned on registering for china and things, but I had never thought of registering for a tv. I guess if everyone can contribute it makes sense. What a wonderful way to really get an experience out of your gifts!


    Hannah Bee.

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