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Review From A Skeptic: TTDeye Spanish Blue Contact Lenses

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Before I start sharing my review, I must disclose this small fact before all of you: I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to using contact lenses in general. Over the last couple of years, I have reduced my time wearing such lenses because sometimes it gets increasingly tedious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the lenses.

Moreover, I also get paranoid over germs getting into my lenses along with my lens case – when wearing them again. This is the reason why I had exclusively moved to everyday old glasses, but something changed last month – which I’m going to share with all of you happily.

My Birthday Gift

So, my birthday was due 25th of last month, and I was wondering about any spectacular gifts that I can gift to myself. I’m not the extravagant type of person who would be buying costly materialistic but would rather be happy with simple things that would improve my overall day-to-day interactions. So, I thought of changing my glasses for a new one, as the ones I was wearing were already two years old and are therefore due for a change. 

Thus, I started browsing some of the best online e-commerce stores for finding my perfect pair of glasses, and that was when I was suggested by my mom to try contact lenses for the first time. I was hesitant, but my mother persuaded me to at least try them out, and in case I didn’t like them, I can always go back to my good old glasses. And that’s when I started researching contact lenses in general. I was a total novice, but it took me around two days to finally get a grip on the contact lenses market along with the relevant brands for the same.

That’s when I came across a brand such as TTDeye. But, what fascinated me was that this brand was selling something different than the regular contact lenses brands, and that is coloured contacts. Generally, I knew that contact lenses should be clear and should be devoid of any colour – just like glasses. But, what I found was immensely different than what I had generally hoped for.

Buying Experience

Thus, I decided to take the plunge for myself and ordered myself a pack of blue contact lenses. I absolutely love the colour blue, and this was the only lens that I could find that met my expectations. The buying procedure was like shopping on any other e-commerce website, so there was nothing to go wrong here.

I chose the product along with my prescription (since I had different vision power in each of my eyes) and then added it to my cart. The total cost was coming to around $39, including shipping, which was much lesser than what I’d generally spend on a pair of regular glasses. Therefore, I have to say, TTDeye saved me some significant funds which I can use elsewhere.

The shipping provided by TTDeye was free of cost and they do worldwide shipping at no additional charge. My package was expected to reach me within two weeks – just in time for my birthday.

Unboxing Experience

The unboxing or unpacking experience was reasonably simple, to begin with as the box in which the lenses came in was easy to open, and all the required items and accessories were packed nicely into the same. There was no fear of things getting damaged or broken, and along with the primary lenses, you get some added accessories as well.

I was able to start wearing my lenses in no time, and there was nothing to complain about the product – in general.

Wearing Experience

As this was my first time wearing contact lenses, it took some time getting used to, which can be rightfully disregarded. The lenses come with a naturally blue colour tone, and since my eyes were light grey in colour, these blues were a perfect match for the same. I absolutely loved the colour scheme, and there was no segregation when it came to the outer ring and inner ring.

I found out that the lenses were FDA approved, which is indeed a beautiful thing to have since I can start using them without any worries whatsoever. Furthermore, they were soft to touch and can last up to 12 months if used in the right manner – which I’m surely going to do.

Coming to the overall design of the lenses, these lenses looked better in real-life than what I had previously seen on their website. Moreover, the blue colour looked insanely flattering on my eyes and added a sense of mystery to my entire face. Even though the lenses don’t add much enlargement to my eyes, I’m still happy with the results – mainly because I’m entirely new in this segment for contact lenses. 

Furthermore, these lenses are incredibly comfortable to wear, and there was no amount of irritation or discomfort that I felt. They came with a high amount of water content which was ideal for my eyes since my eyes are indeed drier, to begin with. However, I was also using eye drops in between my long-wearing sessions, which made the process more seamless and effortless.

Final Verdict

Needless to say, my birthday was indeed very well spent. One of the significant moments for me was that I got to try something new and it indeed blew me away, on the first try. My mother was also happy as usual because she was ecstatic to see me in this new pair of coloured contacts. Rarely do I see my mom being so excited about something, and this brought tears of joy in my eyes.

I’m delighted with my purchase, and if given the opportunity, I’d buy two other pairs as well – which I’m going to do slowly over the next few months. TTDeye have a wide range of products on their website, so I doubt that you’d get bored with their overall range of coloured contacts. Now I wish I had birthdays every month!

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