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Revlon ColorStay Mineral Eyeshadow Review

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Eyeshadow ReviewMineral makeup strikes again! I picked up Revlon’s ColorStay Mineral Eye Shadow in Sunlit Jade, which has shimmery creme, bronze and olive colors. Revlon’s ColorStay 12 Hour shadow is very popular and long-wearing, so I was hopeful about the talc-free version.

Most of the ColorStay eyeshadow shades are so neutral that they’d work for most any skin tone, but I really wish they’d offered more of the cah-razy colors this Dove loves to wear. But very few ladies are as flamboyant as I am!

This eyeshadow’s texture is fab – it’s ultra smooth and silky feeling. The shadow colors blend really well with each other, and I was able to smooth out most of the harsher olive color without redoing my makeup (yay!).

Also, the product seemed to last well like its 12-hour counterpart – my shadow stayed true and fresh looking for a good 4 hours or so in the humidity, and would have done even better in a drier climate. (I don’t put too much stock in “12-hour” claims as I’m hard on makeup, so I’m not discounting it for that.)

The verdict: 8/10 – great for an everyday pick – with more color selection, this eyeshadow could be an all-star.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Eye Shadow sells at Amazon for $8.49.

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