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A Toothbrush That’s More Stylish Than You Are: FOREO ISSA

FOREO ISSA Review Toothbrush

foreo issa electric toothbrush reviewCongratulations, we’ve all reached a new low: we’ve been outstyled by a toothbrush. Let that sink in for a minute. This toothbrush is prettier, more stylish, and maybe smarter and funnier than you. Seriously, don’t even leave it alone with your boyfriend.

The ISSA by FOREO (remember our review of their LUNA cleanser?) has more than just good looks in its corner: using the newest dental care technology, the ISSA’s high-intensity pulsations are channeled through soft silicone bristles, in lieu of the damaging scratching action that standard bristled toothbrushes use.

foreo issa electric toothbrush reviewThe silicone bristles create the perfect amount of friction to effectively remove stains and plaque while staying gentle on enamel and helping prevent receding gums. The brush head’s 3D flexibility adapts to any tooth surface and can brush even the toughest-to-reach crevices. The brush reminds you to brush a new quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds and signals when a two-minute brushing routine is completed.

Other features include:

  • Each charge lasts for 365 uses (six months of use)
  • The brush head needs replacement only once yearly
  • No charging dock is required
  • Eight-speed adjustable pulsations
  • Fully waterproof — can even be used in the shower (although that personally grosses me out. Who does that? Are you one of those people? Ew.)

Plus, it’s freakin’ pretty. You’re gonna end up replacing your furniture with some gorgeous pastel modular stuff just to match this bad boy.

I’m super stoked to have this sexy brush added to my arsenal – it packs power without damaging my enamel, and looks hawtt on my counter. Get your own here:

Thanks to iFabbo for providing members like me with killer products like this. 

foreo issa electric toothbrush review

2 thoughts on “A Toothbrush That’s More Stylish Than You Are: FOREO ISSA

  1. Interesting…the FOREO ISSA sure seems like a popular buy, especially with the features described. No other electric toothbrush on the market lasts for six months with one charge not to mention not having to change the brush head for a whole year!

    1. Jacob – inorite? The charging aspect is huge for me, ’cause I already have too many things plugged in over my bathroom counter.

      Thanks for reading! ~ Cailin

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