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Sassy 2016 Gift Guide: Travel Edition

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Sometimes you just gotta get away. Sadly, vacations don’t come cheap, and there are many added costs to simply getting there and back again. Plus, it takes a certain skill to do it well – and even more to do it looking good!

Here are some unique gift ideas for your favorite travel enthusiast:


Style on the go

Looking cute on the plane is no easy feat, and it’s often we have to run from one event to another in our travels minus the comfort of our at-home styling product arsenal.

What’s a girl on the go to do? Try a blowout from a blow dry bar like Blo, which offers a quick style pick-me-up. They’ll wash, dry, and give you the vavavoom style of your choice for a song. We tried out the one in Scottsdale:

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Gift your favorite jet-set-ette with a Blo gift card so she can get pretty without the help of the curling wand she inevitably forgot at home anyway!

Clean it up

Of course, as hard as traveling makes it to put beauty products on, it can make it even harder to take them off. Forgot your makeup remover? Need a nail change? Not smelling super fresh in line at your third airport Starbucks today? We have an answer!

Savvy Travelers makes an indispensable set of wipes that travel light and will save your life. I even keep a set in my gym bag. They have numerous kits and a wipe for every need, from cleaning your smartphone to even your teeth on the go. Getaway Kit, $15

Pack smarter

I’m a super disorganized packer, but I was recently introduced to the concept of packing cubes and they change everything. By helping to segment my suitcase and keep undies with undies and shoes with shoes, I don’t have to wonder where to find things or worry about dirty heel bottoms touching my clothes.

These ones from Cocoly come in lots of fun stylish prints and are a great gift for any traveler. Plus, they’re only $16!

Give an adventure

The advent of Airbnb has changed the way we travel; it’s a steal to go stay almost anywhere and more and more, people are choosing exotic locales where they go live like locals (instead of the sanitized resort you never leave). Airbnb gift cards are available for anyone who likes to rent where they stay, save money, or just get a more authentic experience. $50-100

Stay connected in style

When your cellphone dies on a long flight… you also die. It’s science, guys. So hook your buddy with all the business trips up with a portable charger – and make it a snazzy looking one. Since you have to carry it everywhere, it might as well not be a lame black box.

Try this pretty gold one from Polanfo, $17. A steal!

Gotta see ’em all

Have a world traveler on your list? How about someone born abroad who just happens to have lived a well-traveled life? This scratch-off map is a fun, stylish way to collect and track your travels. Scratch the World, $33.

What are you getting for your favorite traveler?

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