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young_woman_wearing_party_hat_with_party_blower_Guess what, ladies? This is my 210th post! That’s right, Sassy Dove has given you over two hundred different blatherings about makeup, beauty and the generally superficial. Rather than fabricating some silly “Happy Postiversary” holiday (I much prefer Postivus, myself), I’ve decided to show you guys some of my favorite posts and products in Sassy Dove’s illustrious history. We can call it My Favorite Things, like Oprah! Only you don’t get free stuff. Sorry!

Way back at the dawn of time, I wrote some great basic how-to posts I think you newbies might have missed. Here’s a few:

  • How To Apply Mod Makeup – This was a great tutorial on how to apply makeup like Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick, complete with giant thick liner.
  • How to Highlight and Contour – A good guide on a skill every babe should have: contouring and highlighting your face for more flattering and luminous features.
  • How to Get Perfect Brows – I cover everything but threading, which a professional should do anyway.
  • How to Get Soft, Pretty Feet – This one was very popular! You all must have hard, nasty feet like I did. Go get them tootsies baby soft, you callused weirdos.

Here’s some of my favorite products I’ve reviewed for you guys:

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