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#SearsStyleFinds: Slam Dunk Back-to-School Trends Girls Will Love

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My favorite part of going back to school was always back-to-school shopping. Who doesn’t want a yearly excuse for a whole new wardrobe?

Unfortunately, it’s tough for those of us who’ve left our school days to accurately predict what our middle schoolers will look trendy in and what will get them booted from the cool kids’ table at lunch. Do we really have to spend a fortune on clothes they’ll grow out of (or ruin) by Winter Formal?

The answer: no way! Stylish options are abundant—and affordable—at Sears. If you haven’t been in recently, stop by the retailer and check out their fab new options in Juniors. Their newest Bongo Girl: Peyton List—further proof that they are on-trend with tweens, since she always looks perfectly styled and fashion-forward.

Here are some of our favorites, found at Sears, which helped me stay on the side of trendsetting, not trend regretting. Check out each of our styles below:

Coats are a must for back-to-school, since the weather changes from summery to blustery with haste in the first half of the year. But with rainy days and teachers who prefer Arctic classrooms, they needn’t remain in the back of the closet through October: layer, layer, layer! This look is casual, classy, and young at the same time—a fashion rarity indeed. Pair with some military-inspired sneaks to add a little edge, or good, old flat tennies to keep it sweet.

Bongo Girls Insane Fleece Jacket, $21.99 (are you KIDDING? For a jacket, that’s an absolute steal! I bought two!)

Bongo Girls Insane Tank Dress, $11.99

The vintage rock tee is BACK! And, when styled correctly, the look is anything but grunge. A sweet denim jacket, floral skirt, and ankle boots land this somewhere closer to prep school off day on the style spectrum. Paired with gold accents and a plaid lunchbox, this look is Peyton-worthy.

As you can see, whether you’ve got a preteen or a high schooler, Sears makes back-to-cool possible. I’m not the only one who found some Searspiration. Check out how Good Enough Mother styled her child’s outfit!

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  1. You both look great – so fashionable. And you do NOT look old enough to have a daughter that age!! At all!!

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