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The Secret to a Great Bikini Body? Balance!

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Somebody once said, “for a great bikini body, have a body – then put on a bikini.” Done!

We don’t always want to accept it, but there’s major truth in that. All bodies are beach bodies and bikini bodies! Still, this time of year many of us feel compelled to pursue the ever-popular six pack abs through torturous, extreme exercises and diets. And really, all it ever ends in is a crash and a swing of the nutrition pendulum back in the other direction (insert-empty-ice-cream-tub-here).

For real health and happiness, we all need to indulge our cravings in a moderate, well-balanced way. I’ve been pursuing a more balanced approach to health and fitness this year myself. In 2015, I did 6 months of  strenuous exercise and restrictive dieting before finding out I had a potential blood condition. The second half of the year was spent coping with that through my patented Burrito-And-Macaron Method. Not recommended.

I’m well now, and I want to make more reasonable choices this year, so I’ve opted for yoga and limited sessions of pilates and strength training combined with manageable dietary choices (and the occasional splurge). This also includes several small meals daily that I always make sure include all 3 macros: carbs, fat and protein. It’s the only way to stave off hunger!

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One of my favorite quick go-tos for this: Balance bars. The bars help satisfy hunger with steady, sustained energy – plus, they’re delicious. Perfect for me because I’m somehow always ravenously hungry!

What are you doing to keep a balanced approach to your bikini body this year?


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