Set The Date With Makeup Timestrips

Makeup TimeStrips Know When to Throw Your Makeup AwayRemember my idea for keeping track of when your makeup expires by writing the purchase date on your products with a White-Out pen? Here’s an even smarter idea.

Timestrips are useful little stickers to put on your makeup that track both time and temperature with an indicator that changes color when a product has gone kaput. Stick them on your new foundation bottle, lipstick tube, or compact and they’ll keep you informed of when your makeup has met its germy end.

Timestrips even did a super cool case study with integrating their expiry trackers into Cargo’s existing makeup containers. I hope this is indicative of future advancements – we need some more safety surrounding cosmetics, don’t you think?

The timestrips work on every product except for nail polish and mineral powders, so pick some up and sticker all your goods!

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