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Sexy Airbrushed Fall Makeup with TEMPTU

sexy airbrushed fall makeup with temptu

sexy airbrushed fall makeup with temptuWho doesn’t want to look airbrushed all day? With the TEMPTU airbrush makeup system, it’s easier than you think to pull off. I was hesitant to try this baby out, but once I did, I was no less than hooked.

What put me off using it before, I’ll admit, was me being a scaredy cat about using the gun. (It wasn’t the alien-spaceship look of it; I actually think that’s really cool.)

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

Little did I know – it’s super easy. The system comes with a Quick Start Guide that got me up and running in about five minutes. You can control exactly how much product you want at once by pulling back the trigger to varying degrees. And the results were beautiful – just check out my before and after photo:

temptu before after

Here’s how I did it (and you can too, because I’m a serious noob with this thing and I made it work):

  1. Start with your brows and eyeliner done. I did a lazy sweep of kajal on my upper waterline and one coat of mascara.  Bah!
  2. Use the TEMPTU AIRpod Foundation (I used Warm Beige 006) in sweeping circular strokes. (Wanntemptu holding the guna know how to hold the gun? That’s me doing it while looking evil over there.)
  3. Then attach the Blush AIRpod (I used Raspberry) and spray in light circles starting on the apples of your cheeks.
  4. Next, I used the Blush AIRpod as a lip stain. (Yes, you totally can!) Turn up the dial so the pigment is more intense, and spray in slightly closer to your mouth so there’s not any overspray. (And be careful not to drink your makeup.)
  5. Finally, highlight areas you’d like to bring forward with the Highlighter (mine’s Champagne). I did my browbone, the bridge of my nose, the center of my chin, and the tops of my cheekbones.

If you’re not artsy, don’t worry – the kit is super easy to use. And I was shocked and delighted at how dewy it left my skin. They have a primer you can use, but I didn’t notice issues with it shifting as long as I didn’t apply too much.  You can spray with a makeup finishing spray after if you’re really worried about it.

Want to find out more? Visit TEMPTU’s website and check it out. Personally, I am an airbrush convert for life and I can’t wait to play with it more. I want all the AIRpods now!

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    1. Hi Sheila! Thanks for your comments. Right now I use Model In A Bottle finishing spray, but my personal favorite is Skindinavia. If you want the power of Skindinavia without having to order it online, you can get the Urban Decay setting spray (same formula, actually made in partnership with Skindinavia) at ULTA/Sephora.

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