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How To Use Side Combs in Your Hair

Side Comb Kate Upton Wavy Downdo Hairstyle

Side combs, in case you’re unaware (as I was), are those clips with a comb attached to them that some women may know best from their being attached to wedding veils in bridal hairstyles. But side combs are more than just veil clips – they’re also an awesome and versatile hairstyling tool.

But how do you use side combs, really? I got a pack of them to play around with and I gotta admit, at first I was confused. But here’s an easy way to start:

How to Use Side Combs – Step by Step

How to Use Side Combs in Your Hair
  1. Hold the side comb so the curve bows out toward your face. As in:
    Your Face (
    ) Your Face

    Here, I just drew it for you.

  2. Comb into the section of hair you want to be pulled back.
  3. When you get just past the point where you want the comb to sit, flip the comb so it curves down toward your scalp, like a frowny face.
  4. Push the comb forward toward your scalp and wiggle it gently into place until it’s secure in your hair.
Woman getting side comb put in her hair
Side Comb Rockabilly Redhead

If you’re anything like me, after reading that, your mind is blown. I finally get the way girls wear those cool, decorative side combs in their hair. Just flip it backward. That’s where the magic happens!

The cool thing about side combs is you can use them either to add volume in a rockabilly style or to make a style sleeker, more glamorous or more vintage looking.

They can be really cute more visible too:

There are lots of options, so let go and get creative.

You can get a pack of side hairstyling combs on Amazon that will complement any hair color, and work for fine hair too. You can also get some more decorative ones.

Have you ever played with side hair combs? Share your tips in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “How To Use Side Combs in Your Hair

  1. Thanks, I needed yet another reason to hate Kate Upton today…
    Seriously though, this is cool – I honestly never knew how to use those things so I learned something today!

  2. Thank you so much! This is a WAY easier way to work the ’40’s hairstyles than just plain ol’ bobby pins! They were super cheap at the grocery store, too–though I plan to get some nicer, prettier ones someday, now that I realize how awesome they are. (:

  3. How do you keep from getting that little ‘rooster tail’ of hair sticking out? I always get a tiny bit of hair the flips out on the bottom end of the comb. I HATE this.

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