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Silky Smooth Holidays with ShaveMOB


One gift you can give yourself this holiday without guilt: silky smooth Heidi Klum-worthy gams. A new startup called ShaveMOB caters to your leggy needs and defies the odds by achieving the retail impossible: shavers that are easy, cheap, and high-quality all at once.

We all know that store razors are overpriced and often, well, suck. In fact, a few years ago I gave up trying to keep my legs and underarms satisfied with $15 clunky pink moisturizer-coated razors named after female deities and just started buying bags of disposable men’s razors. Are they awesome? No, but they’re no worse than the expensive ladies’ ones and I don’t have to feel bad about repurposing them into a quick layering device.

My shaving world has been turned upside down now, though. ShaveMOB’s interchangeable shaver heads come in Practical (3 blade), Purist (4 blade) and Perfectionist (6 blade with flex head). The Perfectionist costs only a buck more a month than the others, and it’s well worth it. My legs have never felt so smooth so quickly.

Plus, I love ShaveMOB’s attitude. Check out this funny video about the “joys” (err) of shaving:

Wanna shave up the right way this holiday season? Check out their stocking stuffers page. I’m thinking this would be a great small gift for the man in my life (or for myself).

Thanks to ShaveMOB for providing free samples of their razors – after trying them, I’m a convert. No more cheap men’s razors in the bag at the dollar store for me.

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