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How to Simultaneously Do a Mud Mask & an Art Project [VIDEO]

Wanna hear something you probably didn’t know about me? I’m an artsy type. Yep, growing up I dreamed of a future as a Disney artist, and then after Pixar dashed that hope away with an adorable kick of Woody’s snake-filled boot, as a fantasy book cover artist. Really. (Want proof I’ve done artsy things? Watch the video below and you’ll see them in there!) There’s more to this gal than just flat irons and BB creams!

So while I was trying the fab Hello Cutie mud mask by Glam Essentials, I decided to entertain myself by drawing a lil’ sketch during its drying time. Watch the video and see for yourself:

Fun, eh? As you may have noticed during the video since I mentioned it, the mask is 50% off on Amazon right now and you can get another 30% off with promo code GLAM3333. Hawtt!

I definitely noticed a tightening, brightening and smoothing on my skin (which is why I’m brave enough to show it bare at the end of the video). To learn more, visit www.hellocutiemudmask.com.

Thanks to Glam Essentials for sponsoring the video included herein. 

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