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Skincare Reviews: Biore Self-Heating Mask

biore_self_heating_mask reviewSince I liked Biore’s ice cleanser so much, I thought I’d give these little self-heating masks a shot. I love facial masks, and I double-love products that heat up when you use them! The packaging is very convenient; each mask comes in an individual tube that’s easy to get open and has a nicely sized opening to ensure it doesn’t explode out on your hand. The smell was nice, but not intense; the heating effect was almost instant and felt REALLY good and warm.

My favorite thing: although the mask had exfoliant beads, the mask didn’t leave a bunch of them everywhere on my skin. I’ve always wondered if these companies secretly include giant unbreakable exfoliant beads so that you basically have to scrub and tone the crap out of your skin, making you look “fresher” (i.e. minus the top layer of skin) and thus you think the product works better. I’m skeptical that way.

Immediately after using the mask, my skin felt cleaner and softer. One thing that kinda bothered me: you’re only supposed to leave it on for a minute. What’s the deal with that? I thought masks were supposed to be left on for ten minutes so you could peel your whole face off with them. And while I felt cleaner after, the effect wasn’t as intense as with a lot of other masks I’ve used.

The verdict: 7/10 – a fun buy that feels great on your face.

Biore Self-Heating Mask sells at Drugstore.com for $6.66.

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