How to Start a Beauty Blog

How to Start a Beauty BlogAs a beauty blogger, I must admit that I am the permanent envy of my friends. (Tough life, right?) Free makeup, skincare and haircare products galore, flexible hours, the right to create what I want – though it’s a lot more work than most people recognize, I definitely see the appeal from the outside. As such, I’m constantly asked one burning question:

“How do I start a beauty blog?”


Seriously – I get asked this question on almost a daily basis. It’s one of the reasons I wrote my book Go From Blog to Brand in 30 Days, though that’s really targeted more toward the current blogger who wants to take their site to the next level.  That’s why I was delighted when I discovered a book on Amazon that covers this exact topic. Malene Jorgensen’s book How to Start a Beauty Blog: Building a Beauty Empire Online is a great reference for the beginning blogger.

Clear, concise, easy-to-follow advice on exactly where to begin with the various steps of the beauty blogging process fills this book. I find myself thinking, “Where was this when I started out?” Step-by-step instructions take you through the otherwise muddled processes of website/Wordpress setup, domain names, and much more. Jorgensen adds insight into making strategic choices all the way down the line that will enhance your site’s profitability over time, including information on how to get included in the News tab in Google’s search results.

A girl after my own heart, Malene also includes a valuable section on branding (and you girls know what a fan I am of branding). She also makes note of the cycle of blogging from a monetized standpoint: writing content, sharing content, and attempting to generate clicks that create income.

If you’re looking into the world of beauty blogging but not sure where to start, this book is a great place. Pick up Malene’s book on Amazon and start building your empire today!

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