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Stassi Schroeder’s Vanderpump Hair & Makeup Rules

I don’t watch much reality TV (at least not that I admit to), but I’m in girl-love with Stassi Schroeder. She’s the most fearless femme fatale on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules – she knows what she wants, what she deserves, how to get it, and who’s not worth her time.

Plus, she’s like mega-gorg and it’s a little disgusting. Her ombre-blonde (I’m officially coining the term “blombre”, write that down) waves have caused a frenzy not seen in reality TV since Lauren Conrad. So how does she get her look?

Stassi’s Hair

On the hair front, Stassi notes, “you don’t have to have perfectly done hair. Your natural bedhead wave looks effortless & uncomplicated.” That makes sense, since she often seems to leave her hair down. She says her mom began allowing her to dye her hair when she was only 10 years old.

stassi schroeder celebrity beauty hair bun vanderpump rules“On the other hand, if you’re having a bad hair day, pulling your hair back is an equally chic option. A classic ponytail, a topknot, a ballerina bun…” I personally love Stassi’s hair in a bun as seen on a few Vanderpump eps. She notes top-knot buns and red nails among her obsessions. “I don’t think it gets any more chic than a crisp neat bun,” she says.

Stassi’s Makeup

Stassi keeps the makeup clean and classic too: “all you need is a little concealer, a swipe of bronzer and some mascara,” she says. She also notes that in a rush, you can skip the mascara and opt for some oversized sunglasses instead. (This is my favorite trick after a big night out.)

Stassi Schroeder Vanderpump Rules Victoria's Secret makeupStassi wrote her makeup manifesto on The Divine Addiction, and says she’s always had a love affair with beauty products. “Be true to yourself and recognize what’s particularly beautiful about your face,” she instructs. “Blessed with immaculate skin? Play it up with bronzer.” (Stassi and her costar Scheana [with whom she must have not been on the outs at the time of the interview] seemed to suggest to AOL that any kind of bronzer and tanning makes her happy but MAC bronzer is a hit with her, so her skin must be fab.)

She also notes that if your lips are too thin, don’t wear burgundy red lipstick. Highlight assets and play down imperfections, Stassi says. and create balance in your look. “If your dress is on the casual side for a formal event, glam up your makeup and hair, and vice versa. Too much of one thing will make anyone look dated.” Stassi created a few makeup looks herself:


A natural look really isn’t that natural at all. It still involves foundation, eyeshadow, bronzers, glosses… This looks best with a seriously fancy gown. Just a beautifully bronzed fresh looking face with loose tousled beachy hair offsets the grandeur of a gown and the look is just effortless. Shy away from oversized earrings when keeping hair down. What’s the point? No one will see  your ears, so opt for a great necklace instead.


I will always be a fan of the ballerina bun. With this hairstyle, I love playing up the eyes as it’s now the complete focal point of your face. Because an updo is so formal, it’s best when paired with a dress that needs glamming up a bit. A simple dress, a bun, and a smoky eye will make you feel straight out of Paris. If you love bling, throw on some beautiful earrings.


Does it get any more glamorous than a ruby red lip? It instantly takes you from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe. Because of the harshness of a red lip, balance it with a loose feminine low chignon or a braid, the kind you have to keep daintily brushing out of your face.  A red lip can make or break a dress, so don’t go 100% Old Hollywood.  It’s more modern to pair the red lip with a dress that’s unsuspecting, whether it’s a blush romantic flowy gown or a black long structured sheath. Create a balance.


I love a flirty, feminine, innocent look. Channel a demure yet sexy Brigitte Bardot (a personal favorite inspiration of mine). Refined smooth voluminous curls are always lusted after. Pair with big flirty lashes and pastel lips and the makeup adds even more femininity. I especially like it with a form fitting cleavage-baring gown. It’s best to wear your hair down when showing a lot of skin as it covers a little bit up. A kittenish face and hairdo balances the sex appeal of the dress, so the look is more flirtatious and less x-rated.


For the girl who loves a mod look, this is pure smoldering sophistication. The key is perfectly straightened glossy hair, and to rim your eyes with a cat eye look. This look is best matched with a sleek gown – polished and classic with a modern twist.

Try to create balance and harmony with your look. Don’t match your shadow or lips with your dress, and don’t overdo it with too much eye makeup and a dark lip. We want to enhance the dress, not overwhelm it; and you want to look like you, not some creepy overdone version of you. With that said, break out the makeup bag!”

Stassi’s Skincare

Stassi told The Skinny Confidential that her favorite beauty products include anything by Murad; “I have almost the whole line of products!” she gushes. “I’ve tried a thousand different facial cleansers, topical creams, or medications from my dermatologist, but my skin literally changed within a week when I started using Murad. I’m normally prone to break outs, but I have not had a single one in months after switching over to Murad.”

Stassi’s natural beauty remedy of choice: mixing olive oil & sugar as an exfoliant. “It makes your skin feel so smooth and the oil is so hydrating,” she notes. She also swears by drinking lots of juices to keep her skin “insanely clear”.

Stassi’s beauty board on Pinterest shows her more-than-slight obsession with Olivia Palermo and Kate Bosworth. Stassi has her own blog called Style by Stassi, and I stalk her there daily.

What do you think of Stassi? Who’s your favorite Vanderpump gal? I’m not sure how I feel about Vail Bloom yet…

7 thoughts on “Stassi Schroeder’s Vanderpump Hair & Makeup Rules”

  1. LOVE Stassi. LOVE Lisa (Vanderpump, not Rinna). Team Lisa!!

    Have you seen Stassi w dark hair though? She’s way prettier as a blonde. THey were on the Amazing Race and also another show that I don’t think ever aired.

  2. Am I the only one who is over her? I don’t think so because they are not even showing her very much anymore. She has just become a whiner and I’m glad Katie is through with it. I hope she and her BF go back to NY. I do love Mrs Vanderpump though.

    1. Honestly do you know what I think it is? I think it’s that she has gotten FAT. And she is avoiding the camera to hide it, which is unlike her because she always was a camera hog and showing off and being naked in front of it. When she gets back in shape, Stassi will be a main character again!

      1. OK I had to come back after the reunion because now I feel we have solved the Stassi mystery.

        It’s not because she is fat (which yes she has definitely gotten fatter), it’s because she has a sex tape. That’s what she has been hiding. That makes everything else make sense.

        Now I just want to know what happens in the video. Ha! Serves her right for making everyone else miserable – or as Stassi pronounces the word, “mizsherable”.

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