Step into the Light: Anaiti Luminous Cream Review

Before I begin – let’s take a moment for the people of Paris – without our own agendas, without parlaying into our individual agendas… simply as humans.

It’s arguable that right now, the world is in a dark spot. With so many of us honoring the City of Light, it seems fitting to discuss a product that’s about building light into our skin and correcting the dark spots.

With that in mind, let’s lighten up with Anaiti’s Luminous Cream – in my latest video I talk about why it works to give you that look of an inner “glow”, plus how it lightened up my dark underarms! You get to see ’em! (If that doesn’t gross you out… I promise they’re not nasty.)

Convinced? Pick up Anaiti’s Luminous Cream on Amazon for $49. It really works – especially for my once-dark underarms.

Thanks to Anaiti for sponsoring this review and providing product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

One thought on “Step into the Light: Anaiti Luminous Cream Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve just discovered your website and I really like it so far. Your video is charming and so are you. I am definitely always on the hunt for products to give me back that youthful ‘glow’. It fades over the years, believe me.

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