A Style Guide for Men on How to Dress Sharp

Though people have always been into fashion recently, men’s fashion and style game has really stepped up. They have been embracing and trying out what is trending. But when we talk about men’s fashion, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to dress sharp. Of course, everyone has their own opinion and choices, and they wear what they feel suit them the most or what goes with their personal style perfectly. However, those who are trying to level up their style, these solid suggestions are here to help.

It is important to know that not everything will suit everyone, and what works for one might not look good on someone else. Today, men’s wear has become more varied, trend-aware, abundant, and experimental. What we say ‘rules” have been founded in history and have worked for centuries. New trends might come and go, but the basic style suggestions almost always remain the same. Below in this article, we’ve listed some solid recommendations for you to take your style game to another level. To learn about them all, read till the end!

Invest in a Good Watch

A watch is not just an accessory, but it is a piece of art. It had to be our top pick for men to dress sharp as no dress, attire, or clothing is complete without flaunting a good watch. If you have one on hand, cool! You can totally rock it! But if not, then you have to get yourself at least one watch that goes perfectly to your every look. Trust me, investing in a good watch is worth every penny and wearing a watch ties the whole look together, and you won’t regret splurging on it. 

Style Collarless Shirt Perfectly

Okay, so many men do not know how to style their collarless shirt. Back in the day, collarless shirts were popular for off white- and blue-collar worker. However, today, the trend has made its way back in the style game with a little variation. They can be a perfect alternative to your tee or button-up. As this shirt skews more towards casual style, you can pair it with, rolled-up chinos, a cardigan, derbys, and a hat maybe. On the other hand, if you want to achieve more dressed up look, you can pair your collarless shirts with a blazer and double monk straps, and this will look perfect. 

Nail the Fit

Loose Clothes for dinner? A big NO! You might enjoy oversized shirts and loose shorts at home, but when you go out must remember you have to wear clothes that fit you perfectly and compliments your body shape. If you go on shopping to buy clothes, make sure to get those fits you or can be adjusted a bit. If no, then do not buy them at all. They won’t work! 

Even gear for workouts and casual outdoor trips can be stylish. Check out premium sunray sportswear for some great ideas.

Step-Up Your Footwear

Do you know what the disaster is? Wearing your running shoes all the time, even when you are not running. When you go out shopping for your footwear, explore other options and give them a go. In case you are wondering, why do you need to step up your footwear game? Here is the answer which comes straight from a school that you can judge a man by his shoes. Whether you like it or not, but people can assume your social status, career, or net worth just be judging your footwear

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