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Styling Your Yorkie Was Never Fun Before!

yorkie with cute pink bow in hair

Styling Yorkies can be so much fun, both for the owner and the dog. Yorkie dogs are known for their gorgeous long fur. Instead of constantly choosing short fur styles, you can let its fur grow out and have some fun with it. If you’re patient and have some skill, you can even try to style your Yorkie by yourself. Sometimes the best dog haircuts are done by their creative owners. But, if you’re not that creative or skilled in this area, just choose a style and let the dog groomer do the magic.

What about the fur?

Every Yorkie deserves excellent grooming. Yorkies’ fur can get extra long, but if you know how to manage it and make it special, that’s not an issue. Just make sure that the fur doesn’t cover your dog’s eyes. One thing you’ll have to do often is untangling its fur. Make sure you do it often enough so that it doesn’t create little chunks. Other than that, the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Some owners choose to cut their Yorkie’s fur short so that it can play without distractions. But, some of the best yorkie haircuts are short. Some owners push the fur all on one side.

Most owners prefer long fur styles. Who can blame them? That beautiful fur can be styled in so many fun ways. You can choose to let the fur grow really long and then just brush it regularly. That itself can make your dog stand out from the rest.

You can even do layers if your dog’s fur is long enough. Adding multiple layers or creating a little pattern on their fur can look so adorable!


What about the accessories?

A lot of dogs don’t like accessories. But, Yorkies are different. They’re crazy about accessories. It’s like they’re aware of how cute they look with them. One accessory that every Yorkie owner must have is a bow. Okay, let’s be honest here, if you’re a Yorkie owner you probably have at least twenty different little bows laying around your house.

Sometimes all of that fur can get too much for our little Yorkies. That’s why it’s a great idea always to have a, preferably colorful, headband around. There are almost too many options today when it comes to headbands for dogs. The little figures on the headbands can go from flowers, animals to word pieces.

You can also try out different collars that best fit your dog’s personality. During the colder days, it’s smart to have wool jumpers. Your dog will be happier to go out even during the cold winter days. Yorkie jumpers look absolutely adorable. The best part is, you can find a style of a dog jumper for each occasion or season.

Styling Yorkie dogs has never been more fun than now! You can do a whole plethora of different fur styles. So many people are working to create the cutest possible accessories for every Yorkie. What a fun time to be a Yorkie owner!

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