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Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Infusion Undereye Wrinkle Eraser #swissbeauty



You may have noticed that we like to sample the more original beauty products here at Sassy Dove. Well, today’s feature certainly fits the bill.

Undereye has always been a tricky area for me, so I was excited to discover this product, a gadget that promises to do a multitude of wonders for the under eye area.

red-skin-tool-swiss-beautyThe Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Infusion Undereye Wrinkle Eraser uses ionic flow (gentle, negative-ion, micro-electric pulses) to help skin better absorb your essential oil, cream or serum of choice. The product purports to deliver noticeable reduction in appearance of fine lines, eye-bags & lines around mouth. On that basis alone, I’m in.

I’d experienced the benefits of ultrasonic therapy myself for skin years ago, and the wand uses it to promote increased circulation and reduce both puffy eyes and dark circles.

Since I’ve been under the weather (read: freaking miserable with a cold) most of the winter, my eye area desperately needed that kind of help. The very first time I used the product, I was delighted to note an almost immediate improvement in the swollen, puffy look I’ve been sporting.

I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, and I really do see more smoothness and evenness in my eye area — though admittedly, just having the product probably made me apply my serums more consistently. Plus, I love that it’s lightweight, portable, the battery lasts forevvvverrr and you can use it on any area (but it’s well sized for undereyes, brows and lips).

Curious? Head to Amazon and snag one for yourself for less than $20. It’s a steal! These things may just be the future of the beauty industry.

Thanks to Swiss Beauty for their sponsorship of this content. All thoughts are original and truthfully expressed.

One thought on “Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Infusion Undereye Wrinkle Eraser #swissbeauty

  1. I can’t believe this could really work but I guess it makes sense. Also that girl in the top pic looks like she dyed her skin white

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