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Lip Tips: How To Wear Brights Right

Tips For Bright LipsA bright, vibrant lip color is definitely a fashion “Do” – but unfortunately, they can be tough to pull off. Here are a couple of tidbits on how to master those brilliant pinks, reds and corals reminiscent of a Venice vacay:

  • Ditch flakiness: Bold lip color highlights flaws, including lip crud (ew). The solution? Buff your lips with a warm, damp washcloth…or just brush them.
  • Keep lip liner subtle: Unless you’re going for the “I just ate a chocolate ice cream cone” look, obvious lip liner is a mistake. Pick a color that matches your lipstick closely, and heat the pencil lightly with your hairdryer for about 15 seconds before applying to keep the look soft.
  • Go monochrome: Opt for neutral makeup colors elsewhere to avoid a clownish effect; these lips look great simply paired with glowing skin and black mascara.

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