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Fragrance Friday: J’Adore Dior

Dior_J'AdoreA perennial scent of choice for me, Dior’s J’Adore is a floral, fresh fragrance that exudes pure sophistication. This was one of my first fragrances, and remains a favorite of mine to this day. Being able to say you’re wearing Dior when other women ask is a bonus – and they ask a lot!

  • Top notes: tangy mandarin, ivy leaves, champaca flower
  • Heart notes: orchid, rose, violet
  • Base notes: damascus plum, amaranth wood, blackberry musk

J’Adore Dior sells at Amazon – make like Charlize Theron and let your scent speak the language of love! (Get it? French? The language of love? Because the fragrance’s name is in French? Okay, I’m done now.)