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The Skinny Tan: Losing Inches While Bronzing Up

Chroma Tan Contour D'Or Shrinking Tan Contour Spray TanningDo you girls remember my awesome in-home spray tan with ChromaTan awhile back? Well, check this: my girl Jen at ChromaTan is now offering the Contour D’Or Shrinking Tan, which will instantly make you look thinner and can even make you actually lose fat. Say what? Continue reading The Skinny Tan: Losing Inches While Bronzing Up

Best of Sassy Dove

young_woman_wearing_party_hat_with_party_blower_Guess what, ladies? This is my 210th post! That’s right, Sassy Dove has given you over two hundred different blatherings about makeup, beauty and the generally superficial. Rather than fabricating some silly “Happy Postiversary” holiday (I much prefer Postivus, myself), I’ve decided to show you guys some of my favorite posts and products in Sassy Dove’s illustrious history. We can call it My Favorite Things, like Oprah! Only you don’t get free stuff. Sorry!

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Applying Eyeshadow to Balance Eyes

How-To-Apply-Eyeshadow Tips and TricksWe all have features we don’t love. My question is, why live with it being your eyes? Rather than going under the knife or hiding under a rock, contour an unusual-looking eye area with makeup. Here’s how to do it – for your eyes only!

Contouring wide-set eyes: To make eyes appear closer together, apply a deep-toned shadow to the inner halves of your lids, with a lighter tone on the outside. Balance with subtle pencil liner along the lower lash line.

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Makeup Contouring Tips: Slim a Wide Nose

Makeup Contouring Hide Your Wide NoseOur guide on how to highlight and contour is one of our most popular articles, so I thought I’d focus on an area a lot of ladies are self-conscious about: hiding your wide nose. I know it’s a sore area for me personally: I think that from the front my nose looks like a flattened mushroom. Not okay.

Follow these simple steps to slim down your wide nose, and thank me later.

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