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10 Tips for Bouncy Curls

Many women are envious of those that have those beautiful curly locks. Most everyone with curly hair has heard the words “I wish I had your curly hair”. But what many women don’t know is how much work it is to keep up with those curls. Below you will find 10 hair care tips specifically for the curly haired women struggling to maintain their mane. It can be harder than it sounds, and curls can be unpredictable on a daily basis, but you will be able to tackle these tips in no time! Maybe you are already doing some of these things, but I guarantee you are not doing all of them. Most of these are very simple to follow and can easily be added into your everyday hair routine.

  1. Comb hair from the bottom
  • Use a wide tooth comb to work tangles out from the bottom up. Curly hair is more likely to break, so it is important to lightly work out the knots. Using a wide tooth comb allows your hair to freely untangle itself between the teeth versus a thin tooth comb where it will be easily tangled.
  1. Style when wet 
  • This allows you to shape your curls as desired while holding that curl for a longer period of time after drying. This is very convenient for those who like to shower in the morning. You do not have to worry about using a hair dryer to style it how you want.
  1. Do not blow dry
  • This prevents frizzy hair. Try using a diffuser if you wish to dry your hair in another way besides air drying. All curly headed women know the disaster that frizzy curls cause!
  1. Deep condition
  • Deep conditioning is good for all hair types. Moisturized hair equals healthy hair, so it is essential that this takes place at least a couple of times per month. This will keep your curly locks healthy and bouncy. 
  1. Sleep in the pineapple bun
  • The pineapple bun is a loosely gathered bun on the top of the head to help keep the shape and volume of your curls for styling the next morning. Super easy to do and even easier to style when you wake up to get ready the next day.
  1. Use Hair Masks
  • Hair masks can help keep your hair moisturized and healthy! All curly haired women know what it’s like to have frizzy curls and it is no fun! By using deep conditioning DIY hair masks, your curls will be shiny and bouncy.
  1. Use a curling iron
  • You can always refresh your curls throughout the day with a curling iron. You shouldn’t have very many strands of hair to go over, but you can give those flat, dull strands some life.
  1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase
  • Satin pillowcases cut down on friction and breakage while tossing and turning in bed at night. Cotton pillowcases have been known to absorb the product in your hair as well as natural moisture and oils. As soon as the natural oils and moisture is stripped from your hair, it will become very dry and brittle. This is the stage where hair is easily damaged.
  1. Don’t over shampoo
  • Shampooing your curls too often will cause the hair to dry out. This will result in dry, frizzy hair. It can also cause the hair to break off in the areas where it is really dry. Focus on shampooing your hair 2-3 times per week.

    10.)  Stop Touching

The more you touch and handle your hair, the frizzier it becomes. Avoid constantly playing with your hair to alleviate frizz. Touching your hair also causes excess oil which will weigh the hair down. If you want free, bouncing curls on your head, try not to touch and play with it throughout the day.


Having curly hair can be a luxury but it can also be quite difficult to maintain. With the helpful 10 tips listed above, you should have full control over those bouncy curls! They will no longer be a nuisance to getting ready every day.

Dove’s New “Girls With Curls” Vid is A Hair Heartbreaker

Since my blog’s name has “Dove” in it, people always wonder if I’m a big fan of the brand. I am, but more for stuff like their latest video than for their products. (Which are also good. That deodorant? Bomb.)

Seriously though, if you have curly hair or if your kid does, watch this now:

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Get Meg Ryan’s Curly Hairstyle From The Women

meg ryan_the_women_001Jealous of Meg Ryan’s ringlets in her chick-flick The Women? (How many chick flicks has this woman been in anyway?) Here’s a simple formula for achieving Meg’s perfectly defined curls, whether your hair is straight, curly, kinky or somewhere in between!

If you have straight hair:
  1. Apply volumizing mousse throughout wet hair. Braid the entire head into 4-6 large braids. Gently tie ends with a cloth band.
  2. Spray Ouidad Styling Mist to set the look. Sit under a dryer or let your hair air dry.
  3. Once hair is dry, remove the braids and finish the look with a shine serum. Rub the serum into your palms and then run your hands through your hair to distribute the serum evenly.

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Need a New Job? Just Curl Your Hair!

curly-hair-trends woman with black curly hairIt’s officially time for ladies with naturally curly hair to stop complaining. Not only are your effortless ringlets the envy of those of us with more linear locks, but now it appears they may be helping you get better jobs!

Good Morning America recently aired a behavioral study that showed employers are more likely to hire a woman with curly hair than a woman with straight hair. When reporter Taryn Winter Brill met with job recruiters with her hair worn naturally curly, they described her as more “intelligent, articulate and displaying a higher level of confidence” than when she mirrored the interview with a straight hairstyle.

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Does Curly Equal Surly?

Angry Curly-Haired WomanA cartoon in The New Yorker caught the media’s attention with a controversial satire of Michelle and Barack Obama depicted in the stereotypical roles of a 1970s militant Afro-wearing black woman and a traditional Muslim, respectively. Even my fellow beauty fanatics over at Naturally Curly have a bone to pick with the satire; specifically, why is having an afro associated with being an angry activist?

Another interesting question: if Michelle Obama did decide to sport a kinkier ‘do, would America be open-minded enough to accept a First Lady wearing a style still so closely associated with an ethnic group? I always assumed Obama’s religious affiliations would be the point of prejudice in this election, but The New Yorker’s illustration suggests that racial stereotypes may still be a battle Barack will have to fight.

The debate garnered enough attention to warrant a press release, which I’ve included below:

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