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How To Furnish and Decorate Your Home Bohemian Style

Bohemian style decor embraces a free-spirited, globally-inspired aesthetic that celebrates creativity, vintage treasures, and ethnic influences. It’s all about filling your home with pieces that inspire joy and relaxation. Bohemian decor combines an eclectic mix of furniture, fabrics, accents, and textures to create a space that feels collected over time. There is no “matchy-matchy” here – it’s perfect if you want to break away from rigid home decor rules and just go for an exotic yet cozy vibe.

To start furnishing and decorating your home in an authentic bohemian style, focus on mismatched vintage furnishings, vibrant patterns and colors, upcycled accents, and plenty of greenery and lighting. Incorporate unique statement pieces that showcase your personality and travels. Bohemian decor should reflect your creative spirit while providing a serene, welcoming environment. Take a look below at some tips for achieving that globally inspired boho look:


– Opt for mismatched, vintage, or antique furniture. Look for unique wooden pieces, distressed surfaces, vibrant colors, and ornate details. Platform beds, armoires, dressers, and dining tables work well.

– Incorporate floor seating with large patterned pillows, poufs, or ottomans. When using stylish large ottomans for home decor, note that they can double as coffee tables or extra seating. Look for bold patterns and rich colors like jewel tones, earth tones, or vibrant hues.

– Use recycled or repurposed furnishings like old windows as room dividers or crates as shelves. The eclectic mix is key.


– Use a mix of patterned fabrics like ikat, suzani, batik, or embroidered textiles on pillows, curtains, throws, and bedding. Go for an exotic bohemian vibe.

– Incorporate natural fibers like cotton, linen, jute, and wool in rugs and blankets for texture.

– Add a colorful tapestry or macrame wall hanging for an artistic focal point.


– For walls, use a neutral base color like white or beige then add pops of color with artwork, wall hangings, and accents.

– Display your collections like books, photos, art, antiques, and travel souvenirs. Shelving, floating shelves, and curio cabinets help showcase them.

– Add greenery with hanging plants, potted plants, dried botanicals, or floral arrangements using foraged materials.

– Use a mix of vintage, modern, and ethnic accessories like brass décor, carved wood masks, terrariums, ceramic vases, candle holders, and tabletop fountains.

– Incorporate natural elements like driftwood, seashells, geodes, and crystals for an earthy vibe.


– Use strings of Edison bulbs, colored glass lanterns, and wrought iron candle chandeliers for a whimsical light source.

– Try draping decorative textiles over lamp shades or adding tassels for a more boho-chic style.

– Place candles of different shapes, sizes, and scents throughout the space for ambient lighting.

Furnishing your home in a Bohemian style is all about mixing eclectic influences from around the world to create a relaxed, creative, and serene environment. Focus on sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage or antique furnishings and decor. Layer in plenty of colorful patterns, natural textures, greenery, artwork, and lighting accents. Bohemian decor embraces imperfection – it’s meant to look collected over time so don’t stress about matching.

The overall goal is to surround yourself with pieces that inspire you and tell your unique story. Fill your home with things that make you happy – whether it’s a beloved heirloom, flea market find, or exotic souvenir from your travels. Bohemian-style decor is very personalized so your home should feel like a reflection of your artistic spirit. Don’t be afraid to break conventional rules and get creative. The mix of vintage and modern elements along with globally-inspired details will come together to form a relaxed, inviting, and eclectic bohemian living space that you’ll absolutely love.

Easy Decor Items To Restore

In the décor world, upcycling is the big trend at the moment. If you don’t know what upcycling is, it’s the concept of taking old items and either restoring them to their former glory or turning them into something new rather than buying a new item.

Upcycling and restoring is a budget friendly and environmentally conscious way to give your home a fresh new look, so let’s look at a few restoration projects you can crack on with at home.

Wooden Furniture

Generally, wooden furniture such as coffee tables, wardrobes and wooden chairs are incredibly easy to restore and you can easily give them a new lease of life with a bit of elbow grease in only an hour or so.

Simply take your tired wooden furniture and lightly sand the surface of it to remove any varnish, once you have sanded off the top layer, you can either paint the furniture with some wood paint or apply some wood varnish, after a few coats of paint or varnish, your wooden furniture should now look as good as new.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are another décor item that can be restored pretty easily depending on what type of blinds you have. Soft fabric blinds like roller blinds or roman blinds can be steam cleaned to give them a fresh look, but vertical blinds are by far the easiest to restore.

With a set of vertical blinds, you can remove the individual fabric slats from the blind’s headrail and replace them with new vertical blinds replacement slats to quickly give your vertical blinds a fresh new look, without having to completely replace them.

Kitchen Cabinets

Another item in your home that you can quickly restore is your kitchen cabinets, it can be incredibly expensive to outright replace them, but you can restore them incredibly cheaply if you know what you’re doing.

Much like the wooden furniture, you should start off by sanding them down then either giving them a few coats of paint or wood varnish. But once that’s done you can further compliment their new look by replacing the door handles on each cabinet, which will give them a completely new look without requiring you to smash any piggy banks.

Old Rugs

Rugs are a décor item that can be incredibly hardy, with some well-made rugs being in good shape for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, their longevity can work against them as that just means they have more time for dirt and dust to be rubbed into them, creating a dirty and dull look.

However, if you have a tired old rug, you can bring it back to life with a good clean. You can hand wash a rug, but that can be a long process, the best way to clean a rug is with a steam cleaner. After a quick steam clean your old rug should look like it’s brand new, with it’s colours being more vivid.

Lamps & Lights

If you have an old lamp or set of lights in your home, you may notice that they seem a bit out of place in rooms with a more modern décor set up, but you can easily modernise your lamps and lights at home without spending too much.

Firstly, you can upgrade the lightbulbs to modern bulbs which can shine in multiple colours, allowing you to alter the vibe of a room at the touch of a button. You can also replace the shades on lamps and ceiling lights with newer ones to create a more modern look.

Home Maintenance: How to Find Reliable Help?

Being a homeowner is liberating because you have the freedom to decide how your living space looks like, add personality to it, and change it as you see fit. Unfortunately, various annoyances related to home maintenance and repair can overshadow the joys of being a homeowner. When something breaks down, you are the person who must arrange and supervise repair operations. Thus, it is always a good idea to have available a contractor’s phone number.

If you find home maintenance a hassle, here are a few essential tips for finding reliable help in times of crisis.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth should be the most trusted source of recommendations for finding reliable handymen or contractors for home repairs or maintenance tasks. If you need help quickly and do not have the time to research various options, ask your extended family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors for recommendations. They can give you numerous details about the service they received. You may not be able to find these details online.

  1. Do Online Research

Another efficient way to find reliable help is to do online research. Most professional contractors have an online presence. Thus, you can find their websites and compare services and rates. Read reviews and testimonials. Which services are included? Which services require extra pay? Depending on the level of emergency, you can choose a local contractor or look further away for better prices.

  1. Learn the Difference Between Handyman and Contractor

To find reliable help at a reasonable rate, it can a good idea to learn the difference between a handyman and a contractor. For small home repair projects, you can safely hire a handyman. Handymen pick up skills through hands-on experience, so they’re only qualified to fix minor issues, but they offer competitive rates.

When it comes to more complex tasks, you will need to enlist the help of a contractor. Contractors are specialists who can handle complex maintenance projects related to their trade. Thus, if you have issues with the electrical system, you need to hire a licensed electrician. In fact, in many states, it is illegal for an unlicensed person to do electrical work. For West Palm Beach electrical services, you have reliable professionals ready to help you.

In case of plumbing issues, you will also need to hire a contractor. Although a handyman can replace your showerhead or fix a leaking faucet, only a plumbing contractor can do heavy tasks such as installing new pipes.

  1. Only Hire Reputable, Licensed Professionals

A last important tip is to hire professionals who hold proper licenses and have a good local reputation. It may be tempting to hire the company with the lowest rates. However, you risk facing the same issue again if the person you hire does not have the necessary skills and experience to fix things properly.

Finding an affordable and trustworthy contractor or handyman to help with home maintenance and repairs can be challenging. However, once you find reliable help, you will always know who to call and what to expect.

Home Security Systems 101

Home security systems are a great investment for any homeowner. They provide peace of mind by ensuring safety in the home. With features like door sensors, smoke alarms, keyless entry systems, and more, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your home is well protected.

If you’re looking to protect your home along with the people and belongings inside of it, here’s what you need to know.

Numerous Options Available

The first important thing to know about home security is that there are multiple types of systems available. One size doesn’t fit all in this scenario. You may be looking for a simple approach to home security such as a doorbell with a sensor that detects motion and emits an alarm, or a more advanced system that consists of cameras, floodlights, and even panic buttons.

Whatever level of protection you’re looking for, you can rest assured that it’s available.

Start with the Basics

When considering home security, it’s important that you start with the basics. Instead of jumping right to the top of the line system, make sure that your primary needs are being met with your door and window locks.

If you want to take it a step further, you can also add additional deadbolts which is a highly recommended feature on all exterior doors.

Add Additional Security

After your basic needs have been met, it’s time to add some more security features such as motion lights, burglar alarms, and camera systems. Most of these can be installed on your own, but don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional home security alarm company to do it for you.

Use a System that Incorporates Technology

Have you ever been away from your home for a few days and wondered if everything is okay at your home? With a system that utilizes smartphone apps, you can easily check in on your home at any time and place.

Not to mention, a majority of these systems can also be controlled by this same app. Meaning if you want a certain light on at nighttime or would like to catch a glimpse of any activity at your front door, all you have to do is open the app.

Have a List of Contacts

Having a security system in place is one of the smartest things a homeowner can do to keep their home and family safe. But it’s also important to keep a list of emergency contacts with their numbers handy just in case any activity is noticed or help is needed. Obviously, the police department will be dispatched in the need of an emergency.

But in case you are unable to be reached, it’s helpful for the police to have another point of contact and it can also be helpful to you in the scenario that you just need someone to keep an eye on your home while away.

Installing a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner for Your Home

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps, a cooling appliance is all you need to give you a comfortable sleep. Studies have shown that cooler temperature induces sleepiness by helping you release your body’s melatonin. If you are in search of an air cooling system to install in your room, then a wall mounted air conditioner is the best option that you can have. Read on if you would like to know more about this product:

Advantages of a wall-mounted unit

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are the most popular choices for cooling systems because of their sleek design. It is slimmer than its counterparts, so a unit can be placed in the room without sacrificing the entry of sunlight and blocking the view from the window.

Additionally, unlike other centralised air conditioners, which often require a considerable arrangement for installation, this type of air conditioning only needs a small wall opening. As such, you can mount your unit in no time, without ruining your wall and furniture arrangement.

A wall mounted air conditioner is also one of the most affordable cooling system options in the market. It is even less expensive than window units. Only HVAC units can match its price, but if you factor in its installation cost, it is still better to invest in a wall-mounted cooler.

Choosing the specifications

There is no one-size-fits-all air conditioner. The cooling capacity of your unit should match the amount of space that it would cover. If you stay in a 200 sq ft room, you should get an air conditioner with 6,000 BTU to adequately cool off the room. If you double that space, then you should add an extra 3,000 BTU. Additionally, it is a general rule that you should increase the BTU by 10% if there will be more than two people in the area. The more people in the room, the harder it will be for your air conditioner to cool the space.

Meanwhile, to ensure that your air conditioner will be cost-effective for electricity consumption, you should look into its Energy Efficiency Rating or EER. The higher its rating, the more energy-saving your unit is.

Mounting your air conditioner

Location is an important factor when mounting your air conditioning unit. First of all, your air conditioner should have no airflow interruption. Therefore, remove all the draperies, furniture, and hanging plants that might obstruct the room’s airflow. If its airflow is constantly interrupted, your unit’s cooling capacity and lifespan may be affected.

When mounting it up, the ideal distance is seven feet from the floor. If possible, do not place it on the southern area because the heat of the sun might affect its cooling mechanism. It is also advisable that you place it in the centre to efficiently cool your room. For a rectangular room, your cooling appliance should be on the longer wall. It should not face the door so that the air can effectively circulate in the area.

With proper placement, you will not be overworking your air conditioner. Additionally, you will not be worrying about the high no deposit electricity bill because its energy consumption will be maximised.

A wall mounted cooling system is a worthy investment that can make your life bearable. It is the most cost-effective and practical option available in the market. What are you waiting for? Do window shopping and look for a good deal from a reputable appliance brand.