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How To: Look Gorgeous in Pictures

blonde-woman-taking-photos-with-a-professional-camera_1280x960So many women who look gorgeous in person can’t take a good photo to save their lives. Heck – I’m one of them by nature. Not photogenic? Don’t fret – just learn to use makeup, body positioning, and flattering clothing to make the most of the light and the camera’s effects. Here’s a step by step guide to combating the camera’s cruelty:

1. Define your eyebrows.

99% of girls I meet who’ve just had their makeup done by a makeup artist say, “He made my brows way too thick/dark!” Makeup artists know that brows always look wimpier in pictures than they do in real life. Don’t be afraid to fill yours in with some eyebrow powder and make them a little darker than their natural color. Use my guide on creating perfect brows for help.

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