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Do these exercises to lose weight without ‘magical’ supplements

Losing weight is on almost everyone’s wish list. Whether it’s 50 pounds or 5, most of us would be glad to shed them off. However, these days, the process of maintaining one’s health has become highly commercialised. The internet is filled with “experts” who promise the best solution to your weight loss problems. Usually, these so-called experts are just people looking to make some money off a product of theirs. These look like herbal teas or diet plans with zero carbs and zero fats. Sometimes, these websites will go the extra mile and try to sell you supplements that are no less than magic. 

What can magic supplements offer?

Most websites will argue you need to take these supplements to make the most of a weight loss regimen. But, many of these supplements have turned out to be just placebos. They haven’t provided people with significant benefits, and the side effects they’re exhibiting aren’t positive either. Sometimes, they’re concentrated doses of hormones like testosterone, etc., and they end up causing more trouble to the body’s regulatory mechanisms than providing aid. Thus, trusting these “magical” supplements is the last thing you want to do. 

How should you lose weight instead?

Just because these faux supplements are out of the equation doesn’t mean your weight loss plans are too. These are 101 ways to healthily get rid of extra weight without adding pills to your diet. The easiest method, of course, is exercise. But everyone has a unique body type, and before you charge into a workout routine, you need to understand what will work best for your body. If the workout is stringent enough, you won’t need additional aid in losing weight. So, here’s a list of exercises you can do without any “magical” supplements. 


You probably didn’t see this one coming because it’s so common. There’s a reason running and walking are so actively advised by nutrition experts. You can begin with walking a week thrice for ten-twenty minutes and then increase the time and frequency of your walking after a month or two. Then, when you feel like you’ve built the stamina, start running. 

These are exercises that work for every body type because they’re doing essential tasks. They’re keeping your muscles active and giving them an avenue to burn excess fat. Walking and running also keep health conditions in check. For example, if you’re consuming foods loaded with fats and oils, walking and running will help lower your cholesterol levels. 

Jump ropes:

With this exercise, you’ll have a blast from the past and an opportunity to get fit. Jumping the rope kills a large number of calories. You can get your jump rope and go at it for 20 minutes daily. You’ll be engaging important muscles and get your heart racing. Your body might hate you a bit, but it’ll love the results. 

High-intensity interval training:

HIIT workouts are often seen as the devil, and that’s because they are. You don’t have to follow massive diet programs or cut down on many foods with these workouts. Instead, it’s best if you eat according to what suits your body when doing high-intensity interval training. 

These are workouts that include periods of intensive exercise with rest in between. For example, you can start with a basic HIIT workout, as short as 5 minutes, and then extend to a longer duration. 

Final word:

With these exercises, you won’t just have the promise of weight loss; you’ll also have the results. They don’t require a lot of dedication to following diet plans or making extreme changes to your routine. These are exercises you can incorporate into your life quickly, and you’ll be all the more thankful that you did. 

Non-surgical liposuction treatment for your stomach: What you should know

Perhaps you are looking at removing or reducing fat in your stomach area but are not sure how to go about it. There are many alternatives now to surgery but are they effective, and how long do the results last? Are there side effects, and is it suitable for everyone?

Here are some things you might want to know before trying non-surgical liposuction. 

What is non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction is not really liposuction at all. It is a term that is used because both liposuction and the newer non-surgical techniques both remove fat cells and reduce fat in the human body. They are not only different from each other but there are many different types of non-surgical fat removal procedures too.

Some of these new procedures use radiotherapy others use ultrasound or laser treatments. They all have one aim and that is to destroy fat cells and leave the patient feeling thinner and more toned. 

What does non-invasive or non-surgical mean?

Non-invasive means that there are no cuts, skin breaks including any natural orifice. All the procedures involve techniques to break down fat cells without harming your skin and without the need for scalpels or stitches. 

What options are there?

There are quite a few of these modern non-surgical or non-invasive options on the market now. If you were looking to reduce stomach fat then you can have one of these treatments at a medical spa or clinic in a fairly short space of time. There is no surgery involved so you would find it a straightforward procedure.

The main options are the following: 

Fat freezing or cryolipolysis

This procedure is also known under its brand name CoolSculpting which is a lot easier to say than cryolipolysis! This procedure uses a vacuum applicator to cool the skin. The applicator is placed on the skin along with a gel and then vacuums the skin. This causes a cooling effect and leaves a numbing effect on the skin without causing any damage. The cold temperature doesn’t go deep enough to damage any organs and the skin and tissues are left unharmed. The fat cells however are frozen as they are more susceptible to cold. Once frozen they die. 

Laser fat removal

This is where heat is used to kill off fat cells. It is also good for removing fat from the stomach area along with thighs and love handles. This is a minimally invasive procedure though unlike the other procedures. 

Ultrasound treatment

This procedure uses sonic waves to kill the fat cells in the stomach. After the ultrasound treatment there is no damage to the skin or tissues and no swelling as the waves affect the fat only. 

Radiofrequency procedures

These use magnetic waves. These waves heat up the fat cells until they melt while at the same time leaving the skin unharmed. This method is good for treating large areas such as the stomach but sometimes needs a few sessions. 

Red light therapy

This procedure shrinks the fat cells and is a good option for the stomach area as it also helps to tight and smooth the skin of the patient. It can work as well on hips and thighs too. 

Is cryolipolysis an effective way to reduce fat in the stomach?

Fat freezing is ideal for reducing the fat on your stomach. How effective it is would depend on your weight. Fat freezing has been shown to remove up to 28% of the fat cells in the area that is treated. Someone who is around 10-15 pounds off of their ideal weight would be an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis for stomach treatment. 

Can they help me control my weight?

Fat freezing or indeed any non-surgical fat removal procedures should not be seen as a way to lose weight. They are a way to tone your body and improve the appearance of the stomach or other body parts that have been treated. You should practice living an active lifestyle alongside using cryolipolysis.

Your practitioner should advise you on exercise and diet when you discuss your treatment options. 

What is the difference between this and traditional liposuction?

The difference between liposuction and non-surgical procedures are many. First there is no need for cuts and stitches with non-surgical treatments which speeds up recovery time. With liposuction you will be given a general anesthetic and then have incisions made in the area to be treated. You may be injected with chemicals and then a tool is used to remove fat. After being stitched up you will experience bruising, soreness and swelling for at least a few weeks. You will more than likely have to take antibiotics and also wear compression garments for up to 2 months to aid in reducing the swelling.

With cryolipolysis there is no anesthetic and no cutting or stitching. This reduces the chances of any side effects and risks that come with any surgical procedure. 

What are the comparable recovery times?

Liposuction recovery times can take months for the swelling to go away and the results to be seen. In comparison cryolipolysis has no recovery time. A patient can resume their lives straight away. For example, you could go to a clinic for CoolSculpting and in a couple of hours be sitting in a cafe catching up with friends. The only thing that takes some time is for the results to be fully seen.

After the fat cells are frozen and die your body will need to get rid of them. For them to be metabolised takes time and for the full results to become clear can take from 6 to 12 weeks. 

Can anyone use cryolipolysis?

Anyone who is of sufficient health and within a certain range of weight should be fine for cryolipolysis. Fat freeing can leave loose skin behind after the procedure so someone who already has poor skin tone or loose skin may not be suitable. Anyone with cold related conditions such as cold urticaria should also avoid the treatment. All procedures should be discussed with a professional before decisions are made. 


Cryolipolysis is a way to remove fat from the stomach without the need for surgery. It can also be used for other areas of the body but it must be remembered that it isn’t a weight loss program and leading an active life while eating healthily is important.

Take the BikiniBOD Challenge #myBikiniBOD

I recently went on a fabulous summer vacation to my hometown, which just so happens to be a lazy beach town. It was a glorious week of fried seafood, boat drinks, music, sand and surf… but dietary discipline was not on the menu. (Nor should it be on any vacation.)

Consequently, upon my return I noticed that I’d somehow while on hiatus reached the size of a house. Well, maybe not a house, but at least a small condo. The scale read a number I can’t even repeat, and I mourned the loss of my once bikini-ready body.  Moreover, I vowed to see it return.

Enter BikiniBOD, which happened to fall into my life at just the right time. It’s a supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and beauty-enhancing vitamin in one. Plus, it’s made by women, for women. Girl power!

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Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack Review

Daring Beaute Intro Luxury-slim-pack-boxBig or small, all women have cellulite. Even Katy Perry. But we also all hate it and want it to disappear. While completely getting rid of cellulite may not be a realistic option (even the most drastic options like liposuction can actually make it worse), we can reduce it.

I tried the Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack with exactly that goal in mind (lofty though it may be). I’ve lost the pounds I wanted to over the last year and a half doing it the right way: eating right, exercising regularly, not going overboard and developing good habits so the weight stays off. But in its place, there’s some cellulite. To which I say “no, sir.” Continue reading Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack Review