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Technology products continue to impact the way we exercise

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Technology has had a dramatic impact on a number of established industries in recent years, with the fitness industry arguably reaping the rewards more than most. With a growing number of people working out at home right now, developers of fitness gadgets have been on the receiving end of increased sales and more of an all-round appetite for a catalogue of products. When assessing the health and fitness space, fitness gadgets are certainly changing the way in which it operates. Many of the gadgets on offer are excellent, too. 

The fitness industry has generally been on the receiving end of a technology-based makeover away from fitness gadgets also. People are working out at home using interactive services such as Peloton, for example. On top of this, there is a growing trend of people downloading health and fitness apps to monitor aspects of a workout and essentially have a personal trainer in the palm of their hand. The fact that these types of apps can be housed on the same smartphone devices people use to send emails or to spin the panther wild symbol by playing the Panther Moon slot game is quite remarkable, too and certainly lends itself to the overall growth of technology-based products in this area. They’re generally making a difference, enabling people to access beneficial information and gain more from a workout in the process. 

The extensive selection of fitness gadgets is what we’re mainly focussing on here, but there is no denying that other technology-based products have impacted the industry too. It’s the fitness gadgets that have enabled people to build up their very own home gyms and spruce up home workouts in the process, though. One such product is the Liteboxer Bundle, an interactive boxing platform that guides punches through a combination of LED lights. It also syncs your workouts to the beat of the music, tracks both your power and accuracy, while also enabling you to monitor your punches per minute thanks to its in-built sensors. You can even sample sessions with some professional help from a trainer-led boxing class, while also having the option of boxing solo. 

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Even the skipping rope has had a change 

Most people used the skipping rope in the playground at school or associate it with a killer workout, but the humble skipping rope has been on the receiving end of a technology-based makeover too. The Tangram Skipping Rope is a fantastic piece of tech, offering users the opportunity to track real-time data thanks to its 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors, which monitor everything. 

A whole set of kettlebells in a single kettlebell

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Owning a whole set of kettlebells in a home workout space is fairly tricky, especially given the number of kettlebells you’d need and the potential lack of space there might be to house them. Thankfully, getting strength training in at home has never been so easy, thanks to an all-in-one kettlebell called the JaxJox KettlebellConnect, which essentially is a whole set of kettlebells in a single kettlebell. It’s easy to use and produces great results, too, with users being able to gain or drop weight with ease by touching its BlueTooth console. 

Other options

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells is popular right now. Essentially customisable dumbbells, which you can easily adjust depending on your weight goals, this particular product can go from five to 52.5 pounds. For any post-workout pain, the Pulseroll Plus is a fantastic vibrating foam roller also. Likewise, the SKG F5 Massage Gun will help alleviate any aches too. 

Other products worth checking out include The Micro #2 and the StrongBoard Balance Board

Are fitness watches worth investing in?

For those who love gadgets, fitness watches might be something you are eyeing; but is it worth the price you are going to pay? The answer is it depends. So, who should consider investing in a watch?

Athletes –
If you are an athlete, where performance really matters, you may want to make the investment. Heart rate, calories burned, speed, and other relevant information can help you improve on performance. If you require this information, and need to improve on your stats, a fitness watch might be something you may want to invest in.

Exercises –
Know what the watch is geared for. If you lift weights, you might not need to know your heart rate. But, if you are a runner, swimmer, biker, or other fast-paced action sport enthusiast, the information may be critical. So know what the watch can do, how accurate it is, and what metrics it is going to calculate, to determine if it is a wise investment for you to make. If you are interested in purchasing a fitness watch then there are loads of retailers which sell them. I would recommend comparing some catalogues before purchasing a watch to make sure you get the best deal.

Storage –
How much data can it store. How do you view the data? Can you view if you are improving on your stats? Again, if it is not going to give you the information you require to truly improve, should you invest in it? Make sure you know what the watch stores, calculates, and what information it is going to provide you, so that you truly do improve on your development in your respective sport.

Although some people simply like to own gadgets, some people truly must track performance and improvement if they are professional athletes. If you are looking to improve, capture data, and make leaps in your output, a fitness watch might be an investment to consider. But, otherwise, fitness tracker apps might be a cheaper route for those who don’t require absolute precision in their tracking for their sports.