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How To Save Your Hair From Your Workout

We’ve all been there: you need to work out but your mane is already clean and styled, and you’ve got a hot date with a WebEx later in the conference room where your judgy CFO will stare curiously over her Oliver Peoples lenses at the frazzled mess that third round of Burpees left on your head. What’s a gal to do?

Fear not: there’s hope for the well-tressed to stay toned (and we’re not just talking removing brassiness). Here are some finely tuned strategies for keeping your hair looking fresh even through exercise: Continue reading How To Save Your Hair From Your Workout

Haircare Secrets: What Really Causes Frizz

I constantly hear ladies blaming their fly-aways on the humidity or the changing season. I’ve got some bad news: the true culprit of frizz isn’t the weather. Here’s a mini-course on frizzy hair, its causes and solutions.

Some hair textures have a natural tendency toward frizz, while others do not. But genetics aren’t entirely to blame: frizz is caused by lack of hydration, so you may not have naturally frizzy hair but have frizzy symptoms due to dehydrated strands.

Frizz Fro How To Fix Frizzy HairYou can combat frizz by using a protein-based conditioner like Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In, which also uses natural arnica and prickly pear cactus to promote long-lasting hydration and seal the cuticle layer.

Naturally frizzy hair is more difficult to handle because the hair itself is the culprit. Naturally frizzy hair comes in two types:

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Ten Tips For De-Frizzing Your Hair

Angry Curly-Haired WomanWhen the good folks over at Misikko.com asked me to contribute a guest article on hair care for their site, I happily complied. Who knew I was already an internet hair guru? Check out my article in its original form here, or just read below!

Ten Ways To Defrizz Your Hair: Take Control Of Your Locks!

Got frizz? Don’t fret – just follow these 10 simple tips to ditch the static and turn those frustrating fly-aways into a sleek, silken mane worthy of any shampoo ad.

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