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Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Fashion Style from Gossip Girl

Our favorite TV shows no longer die; in the Netflix age, they simply go to Bingewatching Heaven. My latest guilty pleasure to binge is Gossip Girl, and it’s totes got me throwing back to the late ’00s.

Of course, Queen Bee Blair Waldorf rules the school, and her fashion choices in Gossip Girl border on iconic (though not so intensely as her Givenchy-gilded idol Holly Golightly). Here are some of her exact fashions you can copy right the eff now (fair warning – spoilers if you’re like five years behind on your DVR): Continue reading Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Fashion Style from Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Makeup: Leighton Meester’s Beauty Picks

Some people are just too perfect. Infuriatingly, Leighton Meester not only has all of the beauty and style of Gossip Girl’s socialite queen of the Upper East Side Blair Waldorf, but she seems genuinely nice, too!

Leighton shared some of her favorite beauty products with Lucky Magazine:

leighton-meester beauty picks

Source: Lucky Magazine
Photo courtesy of InStyle Magazine

Gossip Girl Makeup How-To: Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl Makeup How-To Blair Waldorf Leighton MeesterIf you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you probably love to hate Blair Waldorf. Her personality may be lacking at times, but beauty is one area in which Blair can claim flawlessness. Leighton Meester’s look as the Park Avenue princess is both classic and tragic – not to mention gorgeous! Here’s a guide on copying Blair’s fabulous daytime makeup look:

1. Blair’s strong brows reflect her confidence and severity. Pluck yours into a straight shape with a definite arch, and fill in with Anastasia Brow Powder in Brunette. Don’t over-tweeze!

Continue reading Gossip Girl Makeup How-To: Blair Waldorf