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Taylor Swift’s Stylish 4th of July, Instagrammed

In case you haven’t already figured it out, Taylor Swift is a lot cooler than you. We’ve covered her Teardrops On My Guitar makeup, her Met Gala fashion, and even her Twitter beef with Nicki Minaj. But this year she’s upped the ante and seems to have instituted her own new holiday: Insta-pendence Day.

Yes, each 4th of July all Americans come together in celebrating their inalienable right to document every moment of their existence on social media. Despite her penchant for British compatriots (Harry Styles, anyone?), Taylor’s no exception — the Taylor Swift Fourth of July holiday┬ájust looks a lot better than ours. (Seriously, does she live in a magazine spread?)

 First, there’s this patriotic conflagration of beautiful skinny people:

Taylor Swift Fourth of July Instagram Pics Swimsuits
Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Brit Maack, Serayah, and the gals from HAIM

Next up, we’ve got Taylor being her regular level of uber-cute with Ed Sheeran for some reason and a teensy American flag:

Taylor Swift Fourth of July Instagram Pics Ed Sheeran
In other news, Ed Sheeran has joined Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

And finally, Taylor and her brother Austin (who — surprise — is remarkably hot) lighting some sparklers on a tasty-looking fruit-speckled flag cake:

Taylor Swift Fourth of July Instagram Pics Cake with Brother Austin
Mmm. Yummy! (And the cake looks pretty good, too.)

(Speaking of “Eras”, I personally think this long bob was Taylor Swift’s best hair era.) We hope you had as happy and fashionable a Fourth of July as Taylor did! Here’s to all the past and future Insta-pendence Days.