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Improve the Value of Your Home with These DIY Projects

Although homeownership is expensive, there’s one saving grace: DIY fixes. Increasing your home’s value is usually viewed as a costly endeavor to aim for, but you don’t have to worry about spending too much money if you complete the fixes yourself.

Each of these is a project you can do with minimal training, and each will increase your home’s worth.

Remove Wallpaper and Paint

Wallpaper goes in and out of style: but the patterns make it clear when it’s been in a home for twenty years or more. To get rid of wallpaper in your home, you can buy a steamer for thirty dollars or work to steam using a hot water kettle and some towels. Steam off the wallpaper, sand down any extra glue or unevenness and paint the walls a crisp new color. This can make a space look more contemporary, which will increase its value.

Strip and Repaint or Stain Cabinets

One of the quickest things to change in home decor is what types of cabinets are in style. Although it would be nice to afford to replace your cabinets and have someone else do it: it’s not feasible for most homeowners trying to sell. Instead, put in the time and effort to sand down the cabinetry in your kitchen and paint or stain it into a color that will make it look more modern and attractive.

Put Some Work Into Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal directly impacts the perceived value of your home. To boost it further, mow and trim your lawn, ensure the edges are cut back, trim any bushes or shrubbery, and put in local flowers or plant life that will show off the look of your home. This can give your home a new face without making you spend more than twenty dollars on seeds or small starting plants.

Put In New Doors

If you’re wondering ‘What is my home worth?’ you may be looking at the big picture. But it’s important to consider the details. Replacing your doors, from your front door to the interior doors, can easily give your home a new look and guide people through it. It won’t take longer than an afternoon to replace all of these doors, and you’ll come away with a home that feels far more unified and beautiful to walk through. You can also pick out unique doorknobs to take your home’s personality a little further.

Clean Your Gutters And Roof

Gutters that are full of leaves, and a roof that’s also covered in debris, will ruin the value of your home. People look at these, and they assume your home isn’t well maintained and that there’s a lot of problems inside that they’ll have to find themselves. To avoid this, maintain your roof by cleaning your gutters and your roof often. If you have trouble keeping up with your gutters, consider putting in gutter guards that will stop leaves and gunk from allowing them to drain. Although this is completely free to do, it can increase your home’s value exponentially.